A Critical Hit: Negativity in Life & Games

Ok, so I didn’t expect to really do this on my blog. This may be a Guild Wars 2 blog, but I think this relates.

I had a few things happen today that honestly brought me down. You know, someone being extra critical. The criticism I received today hurt, but I have a pretty tough hide given the fact that I deal with negatively critical attitudes and opinions on a daily basis. What stuck with me today is the realization that people too easily throw out their opinions and criticism in a way that cause severe pain to others. At work, on forums and blogs, in their relationships, and even in our beloved video games. MMOs can be notorious for it!

We all need criticism. I sing, play guitar, and sometimes write music. I need criticism from time to time in order to help me be better. I’m a blogger. I get people to give me feedback because I need their criticism to make sure my blog posts are the best they can be. I need my wife to criticize how I behave at home in order to help me be the best husband and father I possibly could be.

Yet what I don’t need is negative criticism that becomes an attack on a person. Words like “incompetent; stupid; worthless; annoying; weak” and any other phrase that demeans a person’s character or ability is criticism that tears away at who a person is, and never fosters growth!

Yes, give feedback. Yes, tell others how you feel. Yes, show honesty, but do so with tact; do so with respect for the fact that they are a real person with real emotions and a real life.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in the workplace, in a text message, in the lineup of a store, on a forum or blog, or in our most loved video games. Show respect to one another, and learn to criticize in a manner that will help foster positive change. So long as we demean, insult, and tear others down, we’ll only feed the beast.

There will always be the naysayers and those who hide behind their screens (or behind your back) to score a CRITICAL HIT on you. You? You have a choice. You have a chance to encourage people, help others become better, and create a culture around you where people feel loved and accepted while still being able to be challenged.

The choice is yours. So let’s change Tyria, video games, our workplaces, and the world. Criticize with love and respect. Criticize well.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi didn’t specify which world, so let’s be the change in all of them.


Something Old, Something New

Sometimes you need a change. I mean, staring at the same thing every time you’re delving into Tyria can become quite disheartening if you’re dissatisfied. Thankfully, with a few Transmutation Crystals and a bit of gold in your pocket (or badges of honour for that matter), you can freshen those eyes! There’s even a lot of options to mix-and-match from dungeon runs as well.

I spent a lot of time with a mixture of my Temple Armour and the WvW Armour. Frankly, they were the easiest to get. After a while, I began to think that I wasn’t as big of a fan of such heavy armour on Asmund. It didn’t fit his personality and how I envision him to be. I mean really, he’s a Norn. Would he really hide behind armour? Norn boost their body temperature pretty easily (see ‘Physiology’ under the linked Wiki), so I don’t see why one would need mass amounts of metal. Sure, it may hide your flesh, but I imagine Asmund would see it more as cowardice than anything. Plus, I’m sure an over-heated Norn smells like a herd of wet Dolyak. No thank you.

I must say, Asmund was quite proud of his transformation!


Out with the old…


…and in with the new!

I’ve always been one for aesthetics in games. I’ve honestly found that LOTRO was the best for its wardrobe system (although SWTOR was pretty interesting in how they tried to handle it, but I don’t think it worked well). In spite of other games I’ve played, I still enjoy GW2’s system since it’s a way I can continue to financially supporting their efforts. It would be nice to see a wardrobe system one day to be purchased through the gem store, but I doubt it will ever happen. Unless you’re really lucky you already have to spend gems on the crystals, and I don’t see them changing it any time in the near future.

If you’re curious about what gear I’m running right now, it’s this:

Pit Fighter’s Shoulder Guard (sold by the WvW Armour Master)
Dolyak Mail (Norn Tier 1 Cultural Armour)
Duelist’s Gauntlets (sold by the WvW Armour Master)
Dolyak Chausses (Norn Tier 1 Cultural Armour)
Pit Fighter’s Sandals (even though you can’t see them in the photo, they’re sold by the WvW Armour Master)

For the record, I rarely ever show a helmet since I put so much effort into designing Asmund (and spending 350 gems on a Total Makeover Kit). In my opinion, you can’t put a price on the looks of a character you love investing in.

At the end of the day, mixing and matching gear to make an outfit I’ll adore, while using dye that I’ve collected to make a unique Norn that Tyria has never seen before? Yeah, I’m sold.

What about you? What’s the best outfit you’ve ever put together for your hero? Link a screenshot! I’d love to see what you’ve come up with!

The Traveller of Tyria

Hail, fellow travellers! My name is Asmund Leifsting; Norn, Guardian, and Traveller Extraordinaire! Perhaps I’m not that extraordinary, but Tyria is my domain to explore, conquer, and change. At one point, I was asked “Asmund, what is good in life?” My reply was simple: “To crush your enemies. To see them driven before you. To hear the lamentations of the Risen.” Yes, this is what is good in life, and this is what I seek to accomplish. I am Asmund, great warrior, and defender of Tyria itself.

On a more realistic note, my name’s Terry J. I’m a huge fan of Guild Wars as a whole, and constantly seeking to delve even deeper into Tyria and its history. This blog is my creative outlet about a land that has inspired me and allowed for some great roleplaying. My wife and I play together on the Tarnished Coast server, RP, make up stories, and adore creating as a whole. We take our time to breathe and explore the lush Maguuma Jungle, bask in the glory of Caledon, delve through the shambled ruins of Ascalon, uncover the ancient secrets of Kryta, brave the beautiful slopes of the Shiverpeaks, and face the renewed dangers of Orr. This blog is my journey, my highlights, a place for RP, a place for information and links, and a place to journey together in this great world.

I’m a gamer. I’m a husband. I’m a father. I’m a creator. I’m a lover of tales, a lover of beauty, and a lover of life. My name is the Traveller of Tyria…

and this is my story.