Confession: They Called Me Crazy

Ok, so it may be a little crazy to admit. I have a confession. I mean, it was a problem. Maybe more than a problem. They all said I was out of my mind. They said they’ve never done it before. They said I wasted my time and energy, all for nothing. Were they right? Was it possible that I royally screwed things up? They left me thinking, “what’s wrong with me?”

I have to confess to every single one of you. I’ve done the nastiest thing a person could ever do in an MMO… I deleted a fully geared out 80.

He was my first character. I had no clue what I was doing. I rolled a Charr Thief, made him huge, and thought it was hilarious. I was just excited to see Tyria for the first time, and I did. He had full exotics. He was a 400 Jeweller. He had finished the (the Trahearne Story) Personal Story. Yet I deleted him. Heck, I still haven’t used the Pact Victory Token from completing the game!

Wraxis was his name. So much time and effort was put into him. You’d think I’d miss him, but I don’t. I’m not sure if the Thief is a profession that doesn’t fit with me, or if I just had no clue what I was doing. Level 80 is always a game-changer, and I found no lasting love for the Thief; I found no lasting love for Wraxis Shadestorm. Maybe I didn’t have a deep enough connection for this character I created. I mean, that’s really important (as I mentioned in Something Old, Something New). Maybe my altoholism caught up with me, as I only had 5 slots at the time? Maybe I hit a point in my life where I just needed to do something drastic in order to cope?

Wraxis Cropped

Wraxis Shadestorm, Deceased.

This was probably the most extreme thing I’ve ever done in a game. My Sylvari Elementalist, Lefraeyn Whitethorn? Naw. She’s a love who I even got a commission done of her by comic artist and illustrator, Ember Cescon. Asmund Leifsting, my Norn Guardian? Nope. He’s the center of all that I love in GW2 (ok, so my wife talked me into getting that Total Makeover Kit instead of giving him the Norn-sized boot). So what was it? I might not really know today when I look back, but whatever it was, I guess Wraxis just didn’t cut it.

So I deleted him.

Have you ever done something crazy in a game that’s made everyone think you’re insane? I’d love to hear your experiences (and hopefully I’ll realize I’m not as insane as everyone thinks).


2 thoughts on “Confession: They Called Me Crazy

  1. Well, I haven’t deleted level 80 characters yet, but I have deleted a lot of character in which I spent a fair amount of money on gear and dyes (fair to my standards. I am a very poor fella) I also seem to enjoy the process of doing the starting quests and events instead of focusing on end game stuff. Many of my deleted characters are simply characters that I ended up not liking as much as I wanted, so I can see myself doing what you did.

    • It’s crazy. I mean, my wife totally understood. It took me a really long time to finally accept that there was no connection. What’s the point of having a toon if you really don’t care about them? I didn’t touch him or anything. Sure, I haven’t really done anything with Lefraeyn in a long time, but I love the personality that I envision her with! I’ll be back to playing her once more.

      I agree as well on the process of the starting quests. There’s something fresh about having a clean slate. I’ve honestly considered at times in games I get bored with, to start everything from scratch.

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