Memories, New and Old

Do you ever think back on a video game you used to play and get those “warm fuzzies” deep down? Maybe it’s the Zelda Theme that sparks something inside of you? It could be Diablo II. Maybe it’s the first time you ever caught Mewtwo in PokΓ©mon Red or Blue? Ok, I’m giving away some of my most nostalgic memories of video games. Whether it’s the sound of the Magus Theme from Chrono Trigger, or that first moment I saw the Searing happen in Guild Wars, I’m filled with memories that stick with me and help me revisit them to at least some degree. They may never seem the same when I try to play these games nowadays because the time has come and gone.

The problem we often experience is that everybody (young or old) tend to fall into the trap of dreaming about the “golden days.” We end up with selective memory and think that things in the past were clearly much better than they are today. Yes, there were great times, but we can’t relive them. Instead, I offer a different approach.

Make new memories.

This takes work. We have to choose not to be (negatively) critical about what we’re playing, and open ourselves up for new experiences that we’ll enjoy. Sometimes I think, especially as the larger gamer community, we tend to critique a little too much. Check out any video game forums to see that happen.

No, I propose we look at what we love and what sparks our imaginations. This isn’t to say we lie to ourselves and admit we love everything about a game, but instead we should make the game a journey to be discovered. In the same way you would eat a rich cake, or would take in the sound of a symphony, we should breathe in such beautiful experiences instead of rushing on by.

Make new memories by listening to the music, staring at new sights, and choosing to get extremely excited over the little victories and accomplishments.

With that being said, let me share two super exciting memories that I’ve just made in the past month!

My first Ascended Weapon!

My first Ascended Weapon!

It took me about two months to get all of my mats together (and cost me way too much gold), but it was a victory that’s well worth it! Why not get a legendary, you say? Because I actually really don’t like the look of most of the legendaries, and find it’ll take me way too much work that doesn’t fit in with my schedule. I’m ok with that, and would much prefer to grab some more ascended weapons as time goes on! The beautiful thing in GW2 is that there are a lot of options for what you want to work on, so choose something and work towards it. It was rewarding for me!

My Mini Armored Scarlet!

My Mini Armored Scarlet!

This was one of my favourite memories to be made. After beating Scarlet and finishing Season 1 of the Living Story, I felt it was the time to celebrate. When I was interested in grabbing one, it was pretty easy. It ran me 500 Gems though. I purchased the Scarlet’s Champion Mini 3-Pack from the Gem Store, threw it into the Mystic Forge with one Mai Trin Mini (found on the TP), and voila! Mini Armored Scarlet Briar. I was quite pleased, especially since I can crush her with my boot, should she ever get out of hand.

There are many more memories to be made, so my question today for you is:

What’s your favourite memory of Guild Wars 2 so far?
Answer in the comment section! I’d love to hear from you!


60 thoughts on “Memories, New and Old

  1. I totally know what you’re referring to. I use to say, that a MMORPG, played over a long time, can be similar to a relationship. If you always compare your partner to others you’ll end up not being happy. If we started out not knowing GW we wouldn’t obviously miss the lack of savable templates and p2p trading, etc..

    I always get nostalgic once I enter GW1, especially Cantha, since it consumed my youth (and man, I would do everything exactly the same, if I could turn time back). However, I actually have memories of me and my friends starting out in the beta (especially WvW), but not as strong as other games. I guess it’s simply because GW2 is in comparison relatively young.

    I’m looking forward to the day they announce a Factions rework for GW2. I will rub my face all over any possible texture in the game.

    • Hahaha. I look forward to you YouTubing yourself rubbing your face over said textures. πŸ˜‰

      It’s true though. We *should* be critical and honest, but we also need to let ourselves build a nostalgic experience–it’s the best way to live in MMOs!

    • Loved Shing Jea, the Jade Sea, and even the Kurzick areas… but my guild still curses the guy who designed Kaineng. Boring, ugly textures, having to turn left to go right and turn back to go up, Kaineng City was a bit of a nightmare. Haven’t been back to GW1 for ages, but I should probably log in again at some stage just to see what b’day presents I got πŸ™‚

  2. Kessex exploration:
    Was running around with some friends leveling my first round when one of the party falls through the gound, and there our hour long struggle to push deeper into the tunnel and defeat the Destroyer that had ravaged that beutiful landscape of Kessex.

    Ever since I had a love for that area.

    • Wow! I remember lots of huge struggles like that. Quite a while ago, my wife and I were fighting against the Champion Giant in Diessa Plateau. It took a really long time to kill him on our own, but we finally got the flow!

      Then there was a recent time with Asmund (my Guardian) and Briony (her Mesmer) fighting a Champion Tamini and a Champion War Beast in Gendarran Fields at the Ascalonian Settlement! It was some of the most fun we’ve had, facing these things and having such a challenge.

      That’s an exciting story to hear from you! I love those memories we make.

  3. One of my favorite memories is the very first time I fought the Shadow Behemoth. I came across him randomly in the open world, and it was during the first week of the game when everything was new to everyone. The reaction in map chat was so amazing; people were freaking out at this giant monster that suddenly surfaced in the swamp, and there were desperate battle cries and triumphant fanfare, for we had no idea if we were going to make it out of this encounter alive. It was a great moment that is rare now that the game is older and world bosses are just a chance to get rare loot. I’ll always remember that day fondly.

    • Wasn’t he amazing?! Sadly, I didn’t get to tackle him for the first time, but I absolutely adored my first encounter with the Claw of Jormag! I was squealing (and dying) in excitement! The same went for the Shatterer. Sure, now they’re pretty easy, but the first time is a thrill!!

  4. I have strong memory from just 2 hours ago πŸ™‚ Three Mjolnirs ,Three Guardians and Three norns ❀ two guys and one girl ❀ We all were talking about how hard it was getting the most shiny weapon of GW 2 πŸ˜€ Very happy moment for me πŸ™‚

    • Wow. You’re still making amazing memories already. That’s astounding. Sometimes I think we need to journal them, or post them somewhere so we don’t forget! I get excited for people making new memories. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Most of the times are just little things that I’m fond of.
    I remember exploring some map in Maguuma, and I happened to find in a corner a downed player fighting a veteran. I got there in time to finish it of before the player was defeated and he seemed really grateful. It felt like one of those “Super Hero arrives in the nick of time to save the day.”

    Then there was the time I was trying to complete Gendarran Fields, but the last skill point I was missing was too far north deep into the centaurs’ camp. Basically I ended up helping the Seraph push the centaurs from the southernmost camps until we pretty much drove them out of their camps. It took a while, but it was so satisfying. I almost forgot to get the skill point too!

    Also, I get a kick out of finding NPCs from the early personal stories collaborating with the Pact or any of the Orders (particularly since one of them is so secretive) Makes me want to try different races and order combinations to see who else I recognize!

    And lastly, the moment I got 100% world map completion was awesome. And the time I got into Eternal Battlegrounds and ended in an epic battle defending Stone Mist Castle. I don’t do much WvW, but it felt so frantic trying to defend every opening. And we did it! I remember I got my monthky WvW kills in that single fight too.

    Yeah… I think I can keep going…

    • From knowing you for a little bit now, I’m not surprised by a single one of them! I think we both agree on the amount of beautiful experiences we can have in any MMO. I especially love situations like you said with the centaur’s camp in Gendarran. Talk about a rush.

  6. Alucardalina from Project Tyria here!
    My favorite memory from GW2 so far was long before the game released. I was playing in a beta and as a Human, I was of course in Queensdale. I knew that I was playing through northwestern Kryta; Watchtower Coast, Divinity Coast, The Black Curtain, that area. It never really hit me that this is where my character was 250 years ago in the game’s storyline… Well, not until I stumbled across the Temple of The Ages. When I spotted Melandru’s statue, I was immediately filled with memories from times past, a certain joy. Even though it was difficult and sad seeing this outpost in the state it was now, with most of the statues being underwater (or worse, missing), the memory stuck with me and helped me to go on and find other places from Guild Wars 1 in the game.

    • Ohh yes! I remember seeing the Temple of the Ages in GW1 and GW2 and having those same thoughts. Although it was much later that it clued in with me. I think I get extra nostalgic when I see any statue of the gods. Thanks for sharing, Alucardalina!

  7. Fighting one of the world bosses for the first time. It was the Maw, a few months after release. We were all newbies, and it was the first time me and my small guild ventured into Wayfarer Foothills to help one of our norn players. I remember the confusion as this champ and the subsequent events popped up right around us, and then the awe as dozens of players came together to fight. Felt like we were really a part of something cool. πŸ™‚

    Also, second place goes to introducing the world bosses to one of our level 80 guildmates who SOMEHOW had gone through months of playing without hearing or doing any of them. Seeing his excitement was nice too. πŸ˜€

    • Awww. Haha. I suppose seeing a friend go through their “first time” is like having a child and watching them experience things! (Ok, I’m a dad, so it relates) World Bosses can definitely feel really epic. I think it would be amazing to see them have their mechanics change to be a bit more dynamic. I think that would throw us all for a loop.

  8. I am really moved by the scenery of the games I play. With Guild Wars 2 it wasn’t different. There’s a vista in Queensdale where you can see Divinity’s Reach far away, it’s really beautiful. All the cities are remarkable to me, each one with totally different characteristics…

    There’s another moment, rather funny. I was exploring Lornar’s Pass when I run over this totally random Champion Snow Wurm (not random, it’s always there but if there’s a reason, I do not know)… I was kinda weak and I fled, scared ):

  9. My earliest memory of getting a renown heart, which may not have actually been my first renown heart, was helping out what’s her name with her apple orchard in the human starting areas. I recall finishing the task and then feeling awkward about using karma points to ask for anything in return.

    • I’m guessing karma isn’t as awkward to use nowadays. Although I still find that NPC awkward, no matter what. I don’t know if it’s her, the abundance of apples, or the freaky spiders. Frankly, if I had an orchard with spiders that big, I’d burn it all down.

  10. My favorite memory is when I just created my Necromancer and she was a fledgling lvl 1 and I decided I was going to walk straight to the level 80 area. After several hours I made it and I was level 13 ^_^

  11. I have a lot of good memories from gw2,

    I can say one of the best memories was when gw2 first beta came up, i choose Charr and in open world i saw a lot!! of people goin to all ways , and i felt like a noob no idea what to do and so many windows(events) to do and many things to catch in the ground was amazing and fun.

    keepin this memories forever, thx to this amazing game πŸ˜€

    • I remember that in a stress test I did. It was non-stop with people going everywhere in the Plains of Ashford, with Charr running everywhere. Frankly, I was overwhelmed! Thankfully, I don’t find Charr as intimidating as I did back then. πŸ˜‰ More memories have yet to be made!

  12. Probably forming the guild I’m in, Dance Train. It was after a behe event battle, some of us just stuck around goofing off and dancing afterwards. I especially liked it because I got to play the contrary fool but was still able to fit in. We had so much fun an impromptu guild was formed and while there’s been some trouble keeping it going, it’s been going longer than I thought.

  13. My favorite memory was running the zergs in Southsun with 400% magic find. I was running that loop for hours on end and never for bored. I still go there everyday to farm my mats. I really like that place and fighting the Karla queen is so fun.
    What I find so endearing to the game is just running into ppl at random that you may have not seen for awhile, having a quick dance and moving on.

    • You know, I had that experience recently with an old friend! Ran into them and RP’d a bit. It was pretty exciting. As for Southsun, it’s great to hear people loving it so much. I haven’t really touched it much as of yet, especially since Asmund isn’t 100% Map Completion yet.

      What’re your favourite Southsun spots?

  14. When I first saw the flying castle/tower thingy! I really tried to find a way to get up there but I couldn’t. :))

  15. The best thing about MMOs, of course, is teaming up with other players. Here is an email I sent to a friend of mine describing just the kind of moment, now a memory, that makes MMOs, and especially Guild Wars 2, so great:

    “So, I’m running around the devastated wasteland that is Lions Arch, currently occupied by Scarlet’s forces. I’m mainly concentrating on collecting Heirlooms to get an achievement and, later, to trade in for much loot. On my way, from one pile of rubble to another, I enter an event where a whole squad of Molten Alliance NPCs are deploying a miasma canister. Amongst this crowd of killers are several veterans and an elite veteran or two. I stop at the edge of the event and see, standing right next to me, another player. He’s also scoping out the situation. Now, I can take on veterans, even with a couple of trash mobs. But, I avoid elite veterans. For them, I need assistance.

    I say, “Looks like we’re outnumbered,” in chat. He responds, “A bit.” Quite an understatement, to say the least.

    He targets the closest NPC and starts whacking away. I decide to join in. My minions, he and I start laying into one NPC after another. I start to hit veterans that are moving in on him, and it starts to get hot and heavy. I get downed a few times but manage to rally. I have no idea where the other guy is in the madness. Hell, he might have just bailed, I have no idea. After at least five minutes of nonstop, intense battle, I get a notice that the event was a fail. I get a few karma and guild points, plus lots of loot. Whatever NPCs weren’t taken out, wander away. There I stand, my avatar seeming to breath heavily, surveying the carnage. And, standing just a little way off, is the other guy. Also, looking a little worse for the wear.

    He says, “Too bad there weren’t more of us.” I respond by saying, “We did pretty well for just two.” As I start to run off to another pile of rubble, I get a “Later, bro” and I signal farewell with a “Have fun!”

    Now, that’s what I’m loving about these games!”

    • I find it easier in Guild Wars 2 than any other MMO to have those experiences. I’ve temporarily teamed up with people who I’ve never talked to again, but yet wreaked havoc on the villains of Tyria and their forces! I really love that you get that feeling of all being heroes who are on the same team, instead of competing with one another. It’s so easy to do!

  16. It was 4 in the morning (EST) on Eredon Terrace (Which is a pretty small pop server anyway) Maw came up. There were maybe 7 of us. The battle seemed to go on for forever. It was fun and we fought hard. When the battle finished, not more than 10 or 15 minutes had passed, but they were some of the most rewarding minutes I’ve spent in Guild Wars 2. When we finally got the chest drop, I felt like I had actually earned it, rather than just happened to be there when a world boss spawned.

    • I love that beautiful line between a challenge and success, where you know you deserve your reward instead of just DPSing something mindlessly. I still have those times with my wife when we duo Champs. Here’s to getting more of those experiences as the months go on!

  17. Best GW2 memory was getting a complement from the leader of the now-inactive guild [BURN] about my eye for GW2 lore, in presenting the theories about the recently-revealed jungle dragon, Mordremoth. The most notable of which being the “Teeth of Mordremoth” attack used by Subject Alpha (crucible explorable mode) and the area know in Guild Wars as the “Maguuma Jungle” now being the “Maguuma Wastes.”

    • That’s actually amazingly cool! I was watching people post those thoughts about Mordremoth way back when, and it was amazing to see people (much smarter than me) piece it together! Very awesome!

  18. My favorite memory was when a friend of mine asked me to do dailies on his account for a week. So being the good friend I am I took his lv 13 mesmer to Orr with the help of guild mates. We couldn’t stop laughing as his character gradually was stripped of his armor after the countless one shots he suffered. We finally made it to Orr. Dragging him up to the most filthiest place I could think of to leave him; the temple of Balthazar. I left him there, taking a dirt nap where he was finally found a week later by my friend. The reaction was priceless πŸ˜€ and we all had a good laugh.

  19. I’m the kind of player that takes my time getting around the game. When GW2 was still brand new I heard reports from several of my guildmates of amazing sites to be seen and amazing enemies to battle. Lion’s Arch from what I had heard was breathtaking so I really looked forward to going there – I knew I could just take the portal from any other major city, but I wanted to travel there on my feet – to get that right feeling of finally arriving – a bit like when you had to fight/play your way there in GW1.
    Nothing my guildmates had told me could have prepared me for what I saw when i first entered LA from Gendarran Fields – I was in awe! I laughed at the guys talking about the outhouses and the sewers, I dreamed of having my very own ‘Ship-High-In-The-Sky’ house, I felt like lisetning in on all the different conversations had by all the NPCs and visiting every little corner of the city to see all the amazing sights. I loved LA from the very first step I placed on it’s streets – yes sometimes i got annoyed that the infrastructure was silly and some key points were far apart – but at the same time it gave the city character. A place build by pirates should not be too orderly and structured – at least not in my mind πŸ™‚

    • I think you experienced Guild Wars 2 the way ArenaNet designed the game–a place to breathe, explore, and experience. It must be really strange for you seeing Lion’s Arch where it is today, but you have those memories that are all the sweeter now!

      I ran Asmund up to where my Weaponsmithing Station was… and Norn Cried. It was a sorrowful moment. My wife said: “He should go for some ale,” in which we realized the tavern was destroyed. I Norn Cried again. Oh LA, what has become of you? Memories. That’s what. Good ones, too.

  20. One of my favorite moments was exploring Frostgorge Sound and finding Yakkingtons Toil for the first time.. I think I almost cried from the memories between the two games. Yak’s Bend wasn’t really too special of a spot in gw1, but it really felt like the start of the story, the start of everything going wrong and getting put back together.
    I think I had a similar reaction to the first time I found Aurora’s Remains in Brisban, and seeing all the white mantle ghosts still fighting their fight. I almost feel like I should have discovered it as a human, instead of a Charr though! xD
    Now that I’m thinking of it, even more memories are flooding to mind since gw2 came out. The two games are very different, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

    • You loved Yak’s Bend too? It was one of my favourites places in the game, and felt like where the game “switched” from just plain Ascalon to an actual drive of what’s happening. You’re totally right!

      It’s true. They’re very different games, but I’m thankful for all the small things that carry over. To be honest, I’m really hoping the Six get brought into everything, the Mursaat (Lazarus) gets drawn in, and a few other old GW1 things get pulled together into GW2. Maybe it’s just your mentioning of Yak’s Bend and the White Mantle though. πŸ˜‰

  21. I have too many fond memories than I can share. However wanted to congratulate you on your ascended greatsword. You must be really excited now knowing it will become account bound in the next update. This will save me a bunch of gold since all my projected ascended medium armors can soon be shared on 3 of my characters and my projected ascended greatsword can be shared by 3 other characters.

    • Totally!!! My next step is going to be a hammer, as I’ve changed my build for a while. It’s exciting, especially since I can swap my GS over to any of my other characters soon for all my hard work. I generally only run zerker weapons anyway, so it’s a nice step.

      Ascended was definitely fun to make. Legendary, I really can’t see happening, but ascended? I love it!

      Thanks for the comment! πŸ™‚ It was great hearing from you.

  22. My favourite memory was creating a Sylvari and exploring the starter Sylvari area. It seriously got my interest. I was dazzled by the majesty in Caledon Forest, hence why it is my favourite place in guild wars 2. I love the whole forest/nature Sylvari theme

  23. I will never forget when my guild Eternal Clarity {Ankh} did an “Occupy the LA trading Post”. We all made asuran toons, appeared at a specific time and filled every chair in the trading post, just for fun!
    Also when the whales beached in LA pre Southsun… we did a save the whale campaign. We had at least 2 or sometimes way more guildies on our whale 24/7 casting water spells. It was silly and fun and typical “ankh”! πŸ˜‰

    And Grats on the sword! πŸ˜€

    • Those are some of the best memories: Where you make your own fun. I know, that sounds kind of silly, but it’s the goofiest things that make an MMO memorable. Why? Because it’s about friends even more than the game itself! Thanks for sharing. The whale story made me laugh. Heh.

  24. One of my most memorable moments of early explorations of Tyria was when a friend of mine and I ventured into Blazeridge Steppes. We found the “dragonbrand” and were fighting some mobs that were two or three levels above us when we had that “whoa – did you SEE that?” moment as the Shatterer flew overhead. Not having had any dragon fights under our belt back then, that was a scary moment. πŸ˜€

    • I totally know what you mean! I was thinking about your post last night and how excited I was to first see the Shatterer. Then when I found out you could fight him, it was the most amazing thing in the world!! It may not be so thrilling now, but that was the most amazing fight in the world the first time I did it (with a shortbow on my Thief, who I had no clue what I was doing!).

      • Hah, yeah. The first time I fought him, I mostly stayed back and used the grenade launchers. A few days ago, I nearly soloed him on my guardian, though by the end 3 other people had showed up and we ran out of time – got him down to <20% but my build is tanky, not enough DPS…. Funny how your perception changes over time, but usually, encountering something like that for the first time is actually the best experience.

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  26. HA!!! Some of my fav memories were the queens jubilee, when scarlet poped up outta nowhere. I swore I would have the last laugh, and here in battle for LA, I upload a flag BETWEEN HER LEGS!!! But after the following cutscene that poped up and a look onto the wiki, I found out it was really MORDREMOTH that was possessing her THE ENTIRE TIME!!! I was like “seriously??? I spent HALF A YEAR tracking her down only to find out a DRAGON was behind all the destruction all the time!?!?!? Now it’s this dragon I want to upload a flag into. . . Also, a memory that is currently in the making is making the static tempered spinal blades pack on my engineer main. EPIK!!!

    Also, there was a time when I accidentally activated a guild puzzle, and after 5 mins of just standing there, we finally went in aaaand lost. A few days later, I was kicked. BUT I DON’T CARE!!!

      • I feel a little, but only a slight bit. I think if Mordremoth has the ability to possess and control people, he would have a major advantage in battle for the next LS in my opinion. If he can’t possess them, he could at least place images of horror in their minds like he did to scarlet. I see the POSIBILITIES IN THE NEXT LA. Back items and corrupted plant people and maps, oh my!

        On another note, another memory I have is HALARIOUS!!! An entire EotM Zerg came after me, but I ran into my safe zone and then. . . suddenly they all died by my ROCKET LAUNCHER!!! EPIC M-M-M-MONSTER KILL STREAK!!!

        They see me gole’m,
        the gate’n,
        the trebbing,
        them trying to catch me flagging dirty!!!

        THAT needs to be a parody version made off on ridin’ dirty!!!

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