Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Life isn’t easy. Gaming sometimes doesn’t even seem that easy (or maybe I’m the only one?). The one thing I do know is easy, is celebrating fun times. After an overwhelming amount of support and memories from last week, I heard tons of you say how many laughs you’ve had in video games–especially in Guild Wars 2! If you haven’t read them, check the comments under Memories, New and Old!

It’s in the silliest of moments (and yes, even the silly things you may be lied to about today on April 1st) that we choose to laugh and enjoy the fun of gaming life! A few days ago, I met some amazing Norn who decided to dance like nobody’s watching, and let it all hang out! Of course, after a while, a few of the men decided to let too much hang out, making me laugh hysterically. To be honest, I have *no* sweet clue who these people were. Does that matter? Well, in this setting, absolutely not. Of course, I was of the opinion that the Carlton Dance should’ve been our dance of choice, but few seem to agree with me.

I wonder if Norn can shake it like Shakira?

I wonder if Norn can shake it like Shakira?

When you play with friends, fun is to be found everywhere in Tyria. Even if they’re not friends, there’s always opportunity to goof off and have fun–that’s the reason we play video games, right?

I recently connected with a woman with a fun blog that covers her pastime of gaming, enjoying multiple MMOs, and dealing with even some of the more personal things. I’d encourage you to check out Jaedia, as she has some pretty honest and insightful things at times. Yet I can relate with her on many levels, because there are times in life where you need to have an escape. Many people would think this wrong, but we all find ways to do it: sports, cooking, tv, reading, writing, music, gaming–all ways that we escape and unwind to prepare ourselves to tackle other parts of life. To some, each of these is much more intensive and “hardcore,” while to many others it’s a release of the stresses of the day. We need it.

Perhaps you struggle with depression or anxiety? As gamers, take time together and laugh. Frankly, I struggle with both of these (more often the former than the latter). Yes, take time to breathe together. Grab a bunch of Norn and dance around a quaggan. Is it silly? Absolutely it is! Is it crazy? You bet! Is it a break from the stresses that this life offers? 100%.

Sometimes we’re so caught up with our day-to-day lives that we aren’t breathing in the most beautiful things around us. I mean really, have you called up that friend you haven’t seen in a while? Have you told your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend how much you love them today? Have you encouraged a person who’s feeling down? I encourage you to live life. Even more so, I encourage you to love and to enjoy the simple things, even if that’s dancing around a quaggan with a bunch of Norn that are getting a little *too* comfortable in their skin.

Whoever you are out there, I just want to tell you today that no matter who you are, you have value. No matter what life seems like right now, there is hope. No matter how much pressure you put on yourself for that next achievement, things go on if it doesn’t go right (whether virtually, or in real life). You have a purpose, you are beautiful, you are wonderful, and you must take time to enjoy the sweet things of life–even in Tyria.

Maybe I feel mushy and reflective right now because of a lot of personal things going on with some friends. It reminds me of how beautiful and important friendship and life truly are.

So I urge you to sing; I urge you to laugh (no really, click this link); I urge you to dance…

Dance like nobody’s watching.
Asmund & Briony Dance


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