Oh the Sights We Should See!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (you know, while you’re drugged up on Tylenol 3’s and going through healing from a wisdom tooth extraction that’s being a total beast) and we’re getting closer to July and Season 2 of the Living Story! My heart is pounding (no, not because of the codeine) and I’m thrilled for what’s to come! Mind you, I’ll be in Ottawa, ON for the first week in July but still, exciting! Yet I still find myself longing for some things to be said and done in Guild Wars 2 because there are sights that we should see, and things that we should experience!

  1. PvE – Variety in Dungeons:
    • The Problem: So I’ve only recently started to get involved with dungeons lately (having two young children who often refuse to sleep can inhibit your dungeoning) and it’s only just hit me that the explorable dungeons aren’t really… unique. The similarities between each path you take is rather saddening, to be honest. Sure, it’s a great way to get some extra gold, but it’s far from engaging.
    • The Solution: Well, the solution is obviously to have greater dungeon variety that can engage a person more than normal. Of course, that takes a lot more effort. Mind you, this is coming from a guy who’s never done Twilight Arbor: Explorabl Path 4, or Arah Explorable (any path), so feel free to tell me if I’m way off base here. I’ve just found that overlap so far between your paths isn’t extremely entertaining. Perhaps you find it different?
  2. WvW – Roaming Rewards
    • The Problem: There’s a time and place to zerg for sure, but as someone who recently has been putting a lot of roaming into my S/D Thief, I feel like the rewards don’t really make roaming worth it (outside of patting myself on the back for taking on 5 consecutive enemies). I can make quite a bit of money, loot, and mats (from bags), along with champ bags for sticking with a zerg in Edge of the Mists or in any WvW. If I’m not in Eternal Battlegrounds, then skirmishes don’t really happen much at all because there’s little value.
    • The Solution: I wish I had a solid solution. I don’t think zerging rewards can be nerfed because that would be absolutely frustrating for people who enjoy that (I zerg quite frequently). Bye-bye Karma Train in  EotM would be a very bad thing! At the same time, if you buff loot drops from individual kills, then you’re not encouraging people to work together–also an issue as it contradicts the purpose of GW2. You may say, “just PvP,” but that’s not a solution as WvW and PvP are two very different beasts and have to be approached uniquely. So I guess I have nothing on this one.
  3. Living Story – Moar Dragons!
    • The Problem: Although I absolutely loved how we ended Season 1 of the Living Story, I have found that we’ve moved so far away from the dragons being an impending threat. To be honest, I tend to get the sensation that many don’t consider them to be a threat at all. Jormag is up north doing his thing, Kralkatorrik is off branding something in the Crystal Desert, and Primordus is off doing his tunnelling thing. The sensation of fear isn’t very huge. Zhaitan was a giant threat, and we could see that, but I’m expecting something much more intense in terms of the elder dragons.
    • The Solution: Living Story Season 2, I’m looking at you. Bring us dragons. Bring us Mordremoth. Throw your worst at Tyria and let all hell break loose as we fight for the survival of the races. Give us a reason to work together as multiple races, because our entire world is at stake.
  4. Living Story – The Gods
    • The Problem: I usually play Norn or Charr, but something has never sat right with me. There’s mention of the gods, and you do get some connection with them throughout the Personal Storyline (not going to share spoilers), specifically some stuff relating to Grenth, but we have so little information concerning them. They were such an intricate part of Guild Wars 1 that I’m not satisfied with the lack of their involvement. Whether it was the Dervish Elite Skills, allowing them to turn into avatars of the gods; the war on Abaddon that pulled together the story of Guild Wars 1 (for the most part); or the constant encounters with the avatars throughout the story of Guild Wars 1–I find myself scratching my head. Sure, the gods left, but there’s so much possibility for their return. Of course, the case is made that they left due to the dragons waking (who devour magic) and they wouldn’t return as they would be at risk. Makes sense, but I’d love more info.
    • The Solution: I guess they can’t really be brought back for now, but I’d still be curious to have the Mursaat tied in a bit more, as well as other connections to GW1 (which I hear we’ve been promised some references and tie-ins with Living Story Season 2!).
  5. PvE, WvW, PvP, etc. – “End-Game”
    • The Problem: This is more due to the mention of many of my friends who have (or almost have) legendaries, have done all the dungeons, played all the areas they absolutely love playing (and continue to play) and mention to me that they wish there were a few new game modes or things that were fresh to engage them. Please know that this is not said out of anger or frustration! This is out of a statement that they love Guild Wars 2 so much, they wish there was more of Guild Wars 2, especially for those who have collected so much and continue to beat (multiple times) the major content that’s available. They’re just craving something fresh and new.
    • The Solution: Once again, I’m putting all my chips in with Living Story Season 2. Is it going to be the best thing ever? Doubtful. Is it going to be mind-blowingly amazing and focused on Lv. 80s?! Oh yeah! Do I think that it’s going to be an expansion’s worth of content? I honestly do. Do I think that existing players need some fresh life to the game, as we were accustomed to new things happening every two weeks? Absolutely.

I guess, for now, it’s a matter of having patience.

Those are some of my thoughts. What are the things you’re longing to see while we’re getting closer to LS2? Share in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “Oh the Sights We Should See!

    • That’s one of my favourite parts! If something’s P2P, I feel like I HAVE to play it, even if I don’t want to. If I want to play other games, I can. I don’t feel forced to by ANet. Instead, I buy gems to support this game that I love!

      • Yes exactly! It’s great to have this freedom, hopefully the Season 2 content will be engaging and keep me coming back for more as it really is a fabulous game. I’d also like to echo averagegmr that this is a great well thought out post and I’ll be coming back in the future for more 🙂

  1. I don’t see the dungeons as being easy to redesign, I mean Aether path in TA took the full dev cycle for them to implement, and I’m not saying that won’t happen again but if it does it won’t be often. They may as well have designed a whole new dungeon when aether path came in, maybe that is the root to take. For me 8 dungeons with at least 3 paths each and fractals is enough variety.

    • It’s so true. I hope it didn’t come across that I was saying it would be easy. I don’t think anything in development is easy. Dungeons are far from easy to design, which makes me wonder why we didn’t have permanency with another dungeon that was made (Flame and Frost?). I’m just not sure the paths are actually variety. I’ll have to play in more detail, of course. And fractals, I haven’t touched, so that part of my post needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s more initial impressions up to this point.

  2. Ridiculously well thought out post my brethren 🙂 How long until you’re hired into the design team for GW2? Every solution you offered was well thought out and you can tell that you’re coming from a -lot- of background knowledge. Can’t wait to see more!

    • Thanks dude! Well, I’m sure there are holes in there (as Hunter pointed out), but I think they already know about a lot of these.

      I just wish in the WvW side of things, there was a way to encourage roaming in terms of rewards.

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