I’ve Been Entangled

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not completed Living Story Season 2: Episode 2, “Entanglement,” then there will be spoilers in the following.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the next bit of our Living Story. Already today we’ve seen a snapshot of what’s coming next and I’m pretty excited. Mordremoth’s reach is spreading across Tyria. We’ve seen vine after vine, absorbing magic through the waypoints, which can only mean that Mordremoth is gaining strength at an alarming rate. This is going to create a bigger foe than we’ve ever thought possible! It’s in ArenaNet’s hands now to escalate this to a level we never imagined, and I think they’re going there!

Everybody has a different opinion on the Living Story, but I’m finding myself in love with where we’re going. Sure, we have a few strange happenings like:

1. The hero suddenly knows Mordremoth’s name, without any explanation.

  • I can’t really find a solid explanation of this, and I wish this is something they hadn’t done. I’m usually pretty gracious, but this one made me do a double-take.

2. We intercept Taimi from using Omadd’s machine and end up seeing the vision ourselves.

  • My wife’s exact words were: “Mass Effect, much?” It honestly didn’t bother us, but we laughed. Still, there are enough significant differences, if only in the vision itself, that make it completely unique comparatively.

3. Apparently, a moose has seen the Eternal Alchemy in Omadd’s device as well.

Still, despite these couple things (and a hilarious #3), I feel that good ol’ Mordy is a pretty fun villain. We’re seeing things of Scarlet tie together like how the Steam creatures were developed and how the portals work; we’re experiencing brand new monsters that we’ve never faced (always a favourite experience of mine); we’ve seen that there’s something greater going on in Tyria involving the Elder Dragons than we ever imagined.

But what does it mean? (And why is the rum gone?)

But what does it mean? (And why is the rum gone?)

People are speculating as to what each of these orbs mean that we saw in Omadd’s device (which, by the way, I did not expect in the slightest!). Personally, I think something’s pulling the strings on the Elder Dragons to maintain a balance of magic within Tyria. We see orbs representing Kralkatorrik (top-right), Zhaitan (right), Jormag or Bubbles (bottom-right and top-left), Primordus (bottom-left), and finally Mordremoth (left). Still, Mordremoth gets pulled into the center and things go a little bit crazy… what does it all mean? I’m sure we’ll know in 2015, but for now I think we’re on a good path. Permanent stories that remind me of GW1 missions, new skins (such as the ambrite weapons), and a new permanent area. We’re moving forward in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and that makes me happy.

Will this progress keep up? I certainly hope so. They’ve already started finding a bit of a sweet spot in terms of the releases, at least for me, and I hope they keep up with the surprises. The continued elaboration on Scarlet is extremely welcome, and Taimi is a breath of fresh air. Jory and Kasmeer, I could do without, but hey, we’re improving with every step!

So I leave you with a picture of the eye of Sauron’s lesser-known brother, Mordy’s eye:

Sauron? Is that you?

Sauron? Is that you?


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