Traveller Thursday #3

Here’s the latest Traveller Thursday! I’ve already been retweeting a few great shots that people have taken with the first-person camera. What fun things have you discovered?

Let me show you some of my favourites!


Here is one of my wife’s fellow guild leaders looking… creepy… very, very, creepy.


This is definitely the most beautiful place I’ve found in-game. Do you know where it is?


After all this time, I’ve *never* noticed these skulls in Malchor’s Leap!


This is currently my background on my computer!

Be sure to tweet me (@gw2traveller) your Traveller Thursday screenshots on Twitter using the hashtag #TravellerThursday! I’ll even retweet some of them!


2 thoughts on “Traveller Thursday #3

  1. I just had a monitor backlight burn out and got a 24″ 1920×1200 (16×10) one to replace it. It is now my main with my previous 21.5″ 1920×1080 main becoming the secondary. The new monitor makes the maximum FoV even better, as it shows 11% more of the vertical.

    Your first picture’s looks are similar to my human mail guardian with the new lich outfit. Since the lich outfit doesn’t cover the wings backpiece and he is very dark in complexion he looks very menacing. As I mentioned on your last post I love your second picture’s location. Haven’t been there with my new monitor yet, so will have to do that. The chest in your third picture is a favorite of mine because standing on it can cause a not-so-well-known event to start.

    Is there anyway to send you screenshots other than Twitter? I do not Tweet, but would like to send you some screenshots.

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