Clicking With Your Characters

There’s something important for me about having a ‘click’ or a ‘story’ about my characters. I can’t just have ‘my Ranger,’ for example, without a connection. I can think of Terrentius Tryanel’s personality and backstory very easily, which makes me want to keep him. I have an emotional connection. I think of him, and his self-sacrificing nature comes to mind. I think of his bear, Illaido (who I rarely run unless I’m RPing), who is some kind of ancient spirit, trying to watch over Tyria through this Ranger, completely clueless to why this bear is so intelligent.

My first Thief (who was my first character) was deleted at 80 with full exotics. Why? Because I didn’t have a ‘click’ with him. Heck, I barely remember his name. Nowadays I have Markk Shadowclaw, a former Assassin with an elite group that simply call themselves “the Organization”–cheesiness intended. He’s a bit of an ass (I can’t think of any better way to describe him) and his looks were based off of my old dog, Edmund. The best part is that he looks over my wife’s character, an Elementalist Asura named Glorra, and sees her like a little sister (and she’s one of the few in the world he cares about). Markk frequently uses the line “I’ve cut people for less.” So he’s not exactly friendly, but I love him. This Thief, I can play because there’s a ‘click.’

So here’s where this post is headed: Griffyn Whitethorn. After rolling several Necromancers, I finally managed to connect with him. Maybe not so much in playstyle (and I’ll ask you all for help there later), but in character. I had an idea and made him very child-like and naive. The whole notion behind him was that he didn’t remember the Dream at all, making him clueless like the Firstborn originally were. He traveled with my wife’s Guardian, Ameera, and learned a lot about the world. Extremely naive, he only survives because of the immense power he has. This power was once augmented when he entered the Mad King’s Realm by himself and managed to walk through some trialing fires that reborn him into something even greater (yay Total Makeover Kits). Today, Griffyn has progressively grown into something tremendously powerful on in Tyria.

Still, Griffyn has a wonderfully childish side. He adores children, and will often be found in Divinity’s Reach, playing ball with the kids along the street. Many adults are wary, but children see his kind and innocent spirit.

And here’s where that development ended for me. It takes a lot to keep me engaged with my characters, I must admit. They need to have progressive development or else I fall out of love with them. So Griffyn will be taking a bit of a new route somehow with his new-found powers that have grown as of late, and is stepping into being a much more mature character than he was before. I’m not sure what this looks like, but with a few transmutation charges, I began the journey.

Griffyn has gone from this…


…to THIS!


There’s something to be said about a change in your character. It refreshes and renews them. It makes them something new. Perhaps I’ll write a little roleplaying section one day of my characters, but for now, I leave you with two questions I’d love to hear from you on!

1) Do you ever need to ‘click’ with your character, even if you don’t RP them?

2) What’s the most important thing for you to like a character you create?


12 thoughts on “Clicking With Your Characters

  1. Personally I totally get the click with the character, in guild wars my main is an Asuran guardian who lost his krewe in an explosion and joined the military to try and refocus his life, he’s deathly serious because of it and has two brothers who are both my characters… I don’t even RP with the character all that often, just how I connect with my own characters.

    In warcraft my warrior is a veteran of the third war keeps his mind focused with delicate jewelcrafting work while bringing the ideals of the Horde to those that’ll listen 😀

  2. I have a vivid imagination, I always create a story and backstory for my characters. Down to mannerisms. The more I love a character the better I find I can fight on them which in a way makes no sense, but in another way proves the theory that having your heart in it, really counts.

      • Agreed we express ourselves in so many ways and some of us have these people that live in our heads that are almost a conceptualized vision of art. Yes it sounds crazy but anyone whose decided that her character is a vegetarian who loves to sing, knows what I am talking about :).

  3. The click is insanely important. Especially for an alt-oholic like myself. I need to put a voice behind the face and a reason behind the journey. I had to use a total-makeover-kit on my sylvari main after the LW ending with omadd’s machine because i knew it was the kind of experience that would alter him physically.

    My necro main is even more in depth ( I actually RP with her when i get the chance) as I made a human descendant of my GW1 necro who had an insane back story (literally insane). The whole way i have her approach every situation is dependent on how she would react naturally.

    With 15 characters total I surprisingly find myself constantly deleting them around lvl 20-25 because i cant get a good feeling in the story for them. Also 15 is defiantly proof that i have an over active imagination since i have full back story’s and connections to the world as a whole.

  4. I don’t role play my characters in game much. I play table top 5th Edition D&D on the weekend and I love to role play there but I haven’t gotten into it on MMOs for some reason. Reading your post got me to thinking about my toons in game and I realized that I will only play a character if I have “clicked” with them so to speak. I don’t have a whole background story with them but they do have their own personalities and that comes out in how I spec them and play them.

    I think the most important thing I look for in a character and class though is how much fun I have playing it. In GW2 I love my Ranger because she is a saucy Charr who loves animals and not much else. I also have a Norn Warrior who I like to play because she is a noble warrior who is fighting for the good of the land and her people. So I suppose I do have more than a toon, I have a person that I am playing. Never really looked at it that way.

    You really got me thinking here and I love that! Thanks! 😀

  5. 1) definitely. I’ve deleted quite a few characters because of that. Not all of that is due to the character themselves. I have a Guardian which to me is my pride and joy. I love Cordelia to death. But I just can’t play guardian lol.

    2) Well first and foremost a build that I can “dig.” I have a staff/DD necro. That I adore. Probably not the most effective but the build fits. Like my DD/SB thief. SP just doesn’t do it for me no matter how effective it might be.

    But if the build and class works, its more a feel. From a Buddhist perspective (as much as a nonbuddhist can come from a Buddhist perspective) I did the mythology of the Asura. I don’t role play in the traditional sense but all my Asura characters are extremely “passionate.”

    So nothing specific. It’s more the “feel.” I’ve had necros in the past that I didn’t like at all, but settled on one now that is my “main.” Simply because the character ‘works.’

    • That’s really awesome! Thanks for sharing. 😀

      As for S/P Thief? I can’t get it no matter how hard I try. Haha.

      It’s amazing how you can not click with a profession for so long. I had so many Guardians until my Norn clicked!

  6. Being a gamer girl, my first connection is how she looks. Creating a girl that is eye appealing to me. The choices of garments. This is my get away and my dress up play. I always say, “Kick ass and look good doing it”. I tend more toward dark and mysterious type, mostly because I don’t talk much. Just show me what to kill and I’m on it. The other part is, well, in real life I’m short, so I like to make them tall, can we say Norn ^ ^ perfect fit for me. I really enjoy looking at what other people have created in their own char, some make me wonder what motivated them in their creation, we all have our own style. ^ ^ Happy Gaming All ~

    • That’s really cool! It’s amazing how we compensate. My most recent outfit with my norn is all bare-skin and manly, showing off his tattoos. In real life, I’m a pretty small guy compared to most around me.

      Yeah, I’m compensating, but whatever. It’s the beauty of gaming!

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