Traveller Thursday #6

This week I’ve got a few more shots that I’m excited to share with you! Here they are:


Strange yet beautiful, the Pale Tree always bewilders me.


I get a kick out of the Skritt here. Pirate shinies? Yes please!


Most people don’t stop and look at the scenery in the Borderlands. I highly suggest it, so long as you’re not getting jumped.


So much swirl.


Near the Temple of Grenth in Cursed Short. I managed to scale a few walls. 😉


Shots like this remind me that Orr was once underwater. I think ArenaNet did a really good job portraying that!

Do you have first person screenshots to share? Tweet them to @gw2traveller with the hashtag #TravellerThursday to possibly get a retweet! Excited to see what pics you have to show off!


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