Traveller Thursday #13

Yet another week of #TravellerThursday continues. Here is a scattershot of first-person screenshots I’ve found throughout Tyria.


A group of us went into Arah P4. As I tried to take a picture, my wife lovingly decided to get all mesmery. I swear, whenever you try to take a picture or screenshot, there’s always someone that has a gravitational pull towards you.


I have a strange thing for ruins and architecture. I’m pretty sure this one is from AC!


I WvW a lot, but I’ve never noticed these figures on the walls of Garrison. Definitely amazing detail as always. There’s a reason I love Guild Wars 2.


GET TO THE CHOPPA! …that is all.


All these years, and I’ve never noticed the Tengu wall near the Destroyers in Kessex Hills. It’s amazing how many details I miss, even to this day.

That’s it for this week!

Be sure to tweet your first-person screenshots to @gw2traveller with the hashtag #TravellerThursday to share your discoveries and sights with all of Tyria and beyond!

7 thoughts on “Traveller Thursday #13

  1. I am thinking that if we ever get Tengu as a playable race Dominion of Winds will be their racial home city. If so we should get access to it from Lion’s Arch, Caledon Forest, and Kessex Hills. If so this would be the only home city with direct (non-Asura gate) access to Lion’s Arch and 1 of 2 with direct access to a tier 2 zone (the other being the Black Citadel).

  2. For some reason I can’t get “good” screenshots with my computer. Might be my graphic settings, but I like the way the game looks when I am playing so don’t want to mess with them. However with over 6500 hours in the game I just saw something that I am sure others have missed. In the center of Hoelbrak is the structure that has light beams going into the sky from it. Each light beam ends over 1 of the “spirit” lodges with an image of that lodge’s spirit animal.

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