It’s Been a While

What a journey it’s been, the past year. I’ve pretty much been absent from blogging, trying to keep up with Traveller Thursday and even failing at that. To be honest, I went through quite a challenging time in changing careers with a tremendous lack of support in RL circles. Thankfully, so many of you have been extremely supportive and helpful. I’ve found people in Tyria and on Twitter who have helped me keep my head above water during the change to become an electrician and regain some sanity.

So to those who have helped support me, I thank you! There are those of you who I feel are more friends to me than those I know in RL. It’s amazing how a game, and the internet, can bring people together to support each other in ways that we couldn’t imagine!

With that, I want to begin a small journey of slowly sharing some thoughts on the Guild Wars 2 Expansion, Heart of Thorns. First, I’ve got a lot of exciting new things that have happened the past while!

  1. If you haven’t noticed on my constant Twitter rants about Heart of Thorns, I rolled a Revenant.
    gw224Now seriously, Vice Kormiss is my new main. I took all of Asmund’s gear and moved it over to him. Every. Last. Piece. Everything about Revenant just fits for me!Heck, I played through the entire personal story before entering Heart of Thorns, just to make sure he was caught up!
  2. I got the Flameseeker Prophecies (if you didn’t notice in the picture above)! My wife put a lot of work in while I was changing careers to help me get this shield once I found out that the Herald can use it!! After playing Herald in Beta, I was sold to the feel of Herald and the shield. Guess what? I use it all the time. Juggernaut is still my favourite weapon, but Flameseeker has always taken a close second.
  3. Wintersday was fun! My wife had an amazing idea to use the Human Male Wedding Outfit to create… well… just look and see how amazing this is:
  4. Finally, I joined a new guild [POW] who have been an absolute blast and have had crazy amounts of fun events and activities. It’s nice to be around people that are easy-going, no drama, and no pressure or stress. Definitely been feeling welcome. Way too many laughs already.

So that’s a small taste into what I’ve been up to. I’ll be posting more as time goes on. It won’t be the usual weekly updates I used to do, but I’m getting more… better… and will be posting more frequently as time goes on!

3 thoughts on “It’s Been a While

  1. Have to say I’m extremely excited to see you back at it. Your dedication to this game is inspiring and I can’t wait to read more, as well as play!

    Honestly you get me juiced for this game so often and I always want to experience it the way you do! Still trying to master that skill but I don’t mind the journey!

    Good luck in the future!

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