My name is Asmund Leifsting… I’m the Traveller of Tyria… and this is my story.

Actually, my name is Terry J. and I’m a huge fan of Guild Wars as a whole, and constantly seeking to delve even deeper into Tyria and its history. This blog is my creative outlet about a land that has inspired me and allowed for some great roleplaying. My wife and I play together, RP, make up stories, and adore creating as a whole. We take our time to breathe and explore the lush Maguuma Jungle, bask in the glory of Caledon, delve through the shambled ruins of Ascalon, uncover the ancient secrets of Kryta, brave the beautiful slopes of the Shiverpeaks, and face the renewed dangers of Orr. This blog is my journey, my highlights, a place for RP, a place for information and links, and a place to journey together in this great world.

I’m a gamer. I’m a husband. I’m a father. I’m a creator. I’m a lover of tales, a lover of beauty, and a lover of life. You can contact me at my Twitter, email, or in-game on Tarnished Coast as Asmund Leifsting! I’m always looking to chat, game, and find others who love Tyria as much as I do.


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