More Than a Game (on MMOs)

Winds of Change

After a very long month and a half, I’ve found myself in a brand new guild with some familiar faces, and a lot of changes having taken place. I refuse to go into detail, but there were some interpersonal conflicts between people that led me to get stuck in the middle of things. This was difficult.

…but it’s ‘just a game’…

I found myself on a path of being forced to choose between guilds, and it ate me up. I lost sleep; I didn’t feel like eating much (or ate way too much sugar!); I cried.

…but it’s ‘just a game’…

I’ve ended up in a situation where some people don’t talk to me now because I wanted to talk to some people still because hey, I choose who I’m friends with and I choose how I play my game. Still, now there are people I may never play with again (due to their own choice). These are people that I may not even get to say hi to anymore.

…but it’s ‘just a game’…

If you don’t get where I’m coming from on this, it’s that as much as I’ve tried to convince myself that Guild Wars 2 is just a game to me, it’s so much more than that. There are people I have on Facebook, on Steam, and some I even have on Skype. There are people that I’ve shared some pretty deep challenges with. Heck, last night I had someone share her life challenges with me on how they’ve just been given a really crappy hand in life the past year and a half, and I had the amazing opportunity to be a listening ear. Yes, Guild Wars 2 is a game, but what it facilitates is so much more.

Real tears were shed over people who were hurt.
Real pain was felt when I watched friendships be torn apart.
Real decisions were made when I had to figure out who was showing the most integrity, especially since I was told I would eventually be forced to make a choice.


This is not a game. The game creates the opportunity for real people, with real lives, real insecurities, and real hopes and dreams, all to come together to know each other and build into each other’s lives for the better.

So in spite of the pain and frustration I had felt, I’m happy with where things are moving when I’m online in Guild Wars 2. Is it perfect? No… but I’m thankful for the beautiful thing that ArenaNet has created for me–a medium to share greater love and greater care with more and more people throughout the world.

This is more than a game… this is an opportunity…

What have been your experiences of MMOs being more than a game? Share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear them!


Tequatl’s Demise

[ANGL] took out Tequatl--with the help of many!

[ANGL] took out Tequatl–with the help of many!

One of the most exciting experiences I’ve had in Guild Wars 2 was on Friday night where the guild I’m in, [ANGL], took out Tequatl. Not just took him out, but spawned him, rallied forces around Tyria, and organized something we had never done. It was a great beginning, an exciting experience, and a great time using some leadership skills. My wife, Briony, commanded north defence. I oversaw north turrets as well as co-oversaw the zerg. We had many other guildies including Death Talker (otherwise known as Wolfie) who commanded everything as a whole and was the brain of pulling it all together. Although our first phase and first battery defence took a bit of time to get into, we started rocking it!

I’m not going to give any details on how to take down Tequatl. Greater minds than I have come before me to prepare all of it for you. Have you ever heard of [TTS]? They’ve laid out an amazing explanation of how Tequatl works here. You can also check out with Dulfy’s guide here.

The biggest advice I could give is to listen to the commander of the map, and know exactly how Tequatl works. The spine of it all are the turrets, which I usually love running (although I’ve been having connection issues lately). Keep his scales down, and you’re looking at a victory. Still, for everyone to know: never quit Tequatl until either he’s dead, or the timer’s up. I’ve seen so many people quit because there’s 3 minutes left. When I’ve seen one burn phase move to a battery defence, to a burn phase, etc. Stay focused, stack might, and keep pushing and you’ll take down Tequatl if you’re following the guides.

So it was a proud moment for [ANGL] and we hope to do more of spawning Tequatl as a Guild World Event. It’s my favourite encounter in the game (I’ve taken down the Three-Headed Wurm, but prefer Tequatl) and my wife and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without people who put confidence in us and have built us to where we are today with Tequatl.

Special Thanks To:

  • Lerif, who commands Tequatl with a kind heart and great encouragement. You’re always a pleasure to play GW2 with, and you taught us everything we know about Tequatl.
  • Briony, my wife, who laughs her way through the good and bad runs and events.
  • Wolfie, who pulled together our Guild Tequatl event.
  • Hafreeze, who has been my turret buddy during my entire vacation.
  • Bob and Miri, who also took over commanding areas and I’m so thankful because we couldn’t have done it without you!
  • [TTS], because you’re always kind to me even though I’m not part of your guild, and you’re always positively responsive when I’m wanting to help.
  • All of [ANGL] because, hey, I love you guys.
  • All of those who joined in that aren’t part of [ANGL] because you made Tequatl possible.
  • Finally, to ArenaNet for the mind-blowing game that you’re building into an even greater game with every passing month. Thank you, for your kind words and support of my blog, as well as the joys and memories I’ve been able to make in game–it’s all because of you.