Traveller Thursday #6

This week I’ve got a few more shots that I’m excited to share with you! Here they are:


Strange yet beautiful, the Pale Tree always bewilders me.


I get a kick out of the Skritt here. Pirate shinies? Yes please!


Most people don’t stop and look at the scenery in the Borderlands. I highly suggest it, so long as you’re not getting jumped.


So much swirl.


Near the Temple of Grenth in Cursed Short. I managed to scale a few walls. ūüėČ


Shots like this remind me that Orr was once underwater. I think ArenaNet did a really good job portraying that!

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Traveller Thursday #4

It’s that time again for another edition of #TravellerThursday! Be sure to share your favourite first-person screenshots with the hashtag, and let me share a few of mine.


I adore WvW more for the beauty than anything. I should get into EotM and get some nice shots!


Found this little beauty in the Grove. It’s currently this week’s wallpaper.


Why has nobody made “Stargate Tyria” yet?


Am I the only one who thinks that bridges are absolutely beautiful, in-game and out?


Finally, the most romantic date place in all of the Mists. The bonus? Nobody can kill you here. \o/

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Clicking With Your Characters

There’s something important for me about having a ‘click’ or a ‘story’ about my characters. I can’t just have ‘my Ranger,’ for example, without a connection. I can think of Terrentius Tryanel’s personality and backstory very easily, which makes me want to keep him. I have an emotional connection. I think of him, and his self-sacrificing nature comes to mind. I think of his bear, Illaido (who I rarely run unless I’m RPing), who is some kind of ancient spirit, trying to watch over Tyria through this Ranger, completely clueless to why this bear is so intelligent.

My first Thief (who was my first character) was deleted at 80 with full exotics. Why? Because I didn’t have a ‘click’ with him. Heck, I barely remember his name. Nowadays I have Markk Shadowclaw, a former Assassin with an elite group that simply call themselves “the Organization”–cheesiness intended. He’s a bit of an ass (I can’t think of any better way to describe him) and his looks were based off of my old dog, Edmund. The best part is that he looks over my wife’s character, an Elementalist Asura named Glorra, and sees her like a little sister (and she’s one of the few in the world he cares about). Markk frequently uses the line “I’ve cut people for less.” So he’s not exactly friendly, but I love him. This Thief, I can play because there’s a ‘click.’

So here’s where this post is headed: Griffyn Whitethorn.¬†After rolling several Necromancers, I finally managed to connect with him. Maybe not so much in playstyle (and I’ll ask you all for help there later), but in character. I had an idea and made him very child-like and naive. The whole notion behind him was that he didn’t remember the Dream at all, making him clueless like the Firstborn originally were. He traveled with my wife’s Guardian, Ameera, and learned a lot about the world. Extremely naive, he only survives because of the immense power he has. This power was once augmented when he entered the Mad King’s Realm by himself and managed to walk through some trialing fires that reborn¬†him into something even greater (yay Total Makeover Kits). Today, Griffyn has progressively grown into something tremendously powerful on in Tyria.

Still, Griffyn has a wonderfully childish side. He adores children, and will often be found in Divinity’s Reach, playing ball with the kids along the street. Many adults are wary, but children see his kind and innocent spirit.

And here’s where that development ended for me. It takes a lot to keep me engaged with my characters, I must admit. They need to have progressive development or else I fall out of love with them. So Griffyn will be taking a bit of a new route somehow with his¬†new-found powers that have grown as of late, and is stepping into being a much more mature character than he was before. I’m not sure what this looks like, but with a few transmutation charges, I began the journey.

Griffyn has gone from this…


…to THIS!


There’s something to be said about a change in your character. It refreshes and renews them. It makes them something new. Perhaps I’ll write a little roleplaying section one day of my characters, but for now, I leave you with two questions I’d love to hear from you on!

1) Do you ever need to ‘click’ with your character, even if you don’t RP them?

2) What’s the most important thing for you to like a character you create?

A New Journey – The Juggernaut

Guild Wars 2 is about the journey, not the end. One of the biggest things that I’ve experienced is setting my own goals and achieving them. For instance, I recently managed to get every piece of Ascended¬†armour and trinkets! Furthermore, I even have an Ascended Hammer, Staff, and Greatsword (although I rarely run the latter). Even accomplishing my WupWup’s Ascended Armour (Celestial Stats) was exciting for me.

Yes, people¬†argue and debate over whether Celestial is great for a Guardian or not. Perhaps it’s not optimal, but I never have to be swapping my gear to accomplish what I want since, in Guild Wars 2, skill > stats. Also, I generally hate full zerker builds (and spend way too much time rezzing full zerkers during World Bosses and other events). With that said, my Ele, Thief, and Ranger are all full zerker (although I’m contemplating tweaking my Ranger). Anyway, I digress.

After completing my ascended gear, I felt pretty accomplished and thought: “Now what?”

My lovely pieces of Ascended gear!

My lovely pieces of Ascended gear!

Well, I have an answer to the “Now What??” — The Juggernaut!!!

Now, I’ve heard people say that legendaries are absolutely impossible (and I’ve actually stated that in the past), but I stopped and took a look at what it takes for a legendary, and it’s not as bad as I thought.

For the Juggernaut, the main things I’m looking at gathering are the following:

Gift of Metal

  • 250 Mithril Ingots (Complete)
  • 250 Darksteel Ingots (Complete)
  • 250 Platinum Ingots
  • 250 Orichalcum Ingots
    • This isn’t as hard as it seems. Legendaries take time, so I just hold on to all the ori I find. I’m not big into farming. I get lots from salvaging from world bosses!

Vial of Quicksilver

  • 500 Manifestos of the Moletariate (Sorrow’s Embrace Tokens)
  • 150 Molten Lodestones
    • Ok, these are one big pain. Not horrific to get because they supposedly drop from Citadel of Flame but still, they’re expensive. It’s not the toughest part though.
  • 250 Silver Doubloons
    • I think this is what would make someone want to scream and cry. They’re extremely difficult to get, so you may as well dish out the 300g on them. Thankfully, I’ve had a lot of people trying to send me the one or two that they get. It means a lot!
  • 250 Steel Ingots (Almost Complete)

Gift of the Juggernaut

  • Gift of Metal
  • Vial of Quicksilver
  • 100 Icy Runestones
    • 100g on the nose
  • Superior Sigil of Sanctuary (dirt cheap!)

77 Mystic Clovers

  • I’ve already gotten my 77 Mystic Clovers, but if you’re curious as to how to make them, throw in 1 Obsidian Shard, 1 Mystic Coin, 1 Glob of Ectoplasm, and 6 Philosopher’s Stones.

These are what I’m focusing on at the moment, while saving up my Elaborate Totems, Piles of Crystalline Dust, Powerful Venom Sacs, Vials of Powerful Blood, Ancient Bones, Armored Scales, Vicious Claws, and Vicious Fangs (T6 Crafting Mats), along with getting to 250 Ectos. World Bosses and Champions definitely help me with these!

To be honest, I’ve heard many people say that precursors are the worst part of legendaries and that’s true, so I figure if I have everything else taken care of, then I can keep saving more money for the precursor.

Yes, this takes a long time. No, it’s not “easy.” Still, I love the Juggernaut so much that I know in the next 6 months, I’ll have it for sure. It’s a journey, not an instant reward. Still, I think it’ll be worth it to show off my beautiful armour with that metallic effect. *Drools*

Have you ever wanted a legendary? If so, which one, and why? Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from them, and respond!

Beautiful You, and You, and You

So one of my favourite things about Guild Wars 2 is the aesthetic part. When people put a little bit of effort into how they look, I rarely find two people that look the same. Sure, you’ll find similarities if people use lots of temple armour, or if people are using ascended gear (and why not, since you took all that time to make it), but most of the time I find that each character is very unique. Throw in a Total Makeover Kit (or even a Self-Style Hair Kit) and you end up being one-of-a-kind. I mean, of course if you’re an Asura I can’t help you, as you all look the same. (KA-BRAHAM!)

I want to take you along a quick little journey of some beautiful photos I’ve captured of some beautiful people I’ve seen in-game. The first is a little afk friend from the Edge of the Mists. It was a beautiful day (I mean, it’s ALWAYS daytime in EotM, but whatever) and we saw this cutesie little Asura girl from Badlands (we were Frostreach at the time). We could have killed her and were ready for it, but she just stood there and was obviously afk. Frankly, I see¬†no honour in killing someone who’s afk, so we sat down by her and decided to make friends. All was peaceful and wonderful until a zerg of Overgrowth came and slaughtered the three of us. Our beautiful friendship came to an end, but we would always remember our little cutie pie alien-looking girl-thing. (Although I was pretty sure I saw Esfir, on the left, licking her lips…)

EotM Friend

So next up on the list is me showing off my wonderful Markk Shadowclaw in PvP.¬†I was in the Battle of Kyhlo¬†and figured I’d take a brief break (actually, I was scouting too many thieves out¬†thieves out there that were stealth-based in their build) and see who was where, doing what. I’m pretty pleased at how I did his look. He’s a terrifying killer but don’t worry–deep down he has a heart of at least bronze…maybe silver…Markk PvP Clocktower

Then we have our little magical lady of death. I saw her in the Heart of the Mists and felt pretty convinced that I didn’t want to meet her in a dark alley. I’m not sure what exactly it was, but she was absolutely stunning!
Creepy Asura

Now this one is a personal picture of my wife (Briony, on the left), myself (the watchwork knight), a guildie named Scarlet, and my Mini Armoured Scarlet! We were doing guild missions and had three guilds joining us in it for the puzzle in Snowden Drifts! I figured that we should show off “our stuff.”Scarlet Frenzy

Now here is one that I saw last night. I have to admit, I rather detest the Zodiac Armour, but this Sylvari pulled together an amazing look that made him both magical and majestic! Throw in that Light of Dwayna and he looks a little righteous and angelic! I was impressed.Sylvari Zodiac

Now this guy blew me away with his colours. I can’t remember them exactly, but it was a set of Enameled Dye mixed with some Shiver Dyes. I couldn’t help but stop and take a picture of how amazing he looked. In my mind, this is the type of character that¬†reminds me of Golbez from Final Fantasy IV, for some reason. Or I could just be crazy.Beautiful Armour

Finally, there’s my return to my old outfit. After running that Ascended Gear mixed with Banded and a Berserker’s Helmet, I’ve returned to my Phalanx (hey, I paid real cash for it, and I remember staring for months at the armour). I even put on my Tybalt Backpack after running my Tempered Spinal Blades for a while there.Asmund AC PoseUltimately, the best part of Guild Wars 2 is the aesthetics. You can grow and change your character, and really make them more unique than any game that I’ve played up to this point. Perhaps it’s a big draw to me, as if there’s anything in a game that pulls me in, it’s my love for improving and changing how my character looks. It’s refreshing, renewing, and exciting for me!

Feel free to post links to your favourite outfits you’ve seen people put together in the comments below!


Asmund’s Adventures in Armourland

Quite a while ago, I posted about my journey towards getting an ascended weapon, which was one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had in Guild Wars 2. I worked hard to get my weaponsmithing to 500, gather all the mats needed, and finally piece together my beautiful Zojja’s Claymore. This led to my Ascended Hammer. Now, I have my beautiful ascended armour as well (well, 3/6 pieces). It feels like an amazing achievement for me, but I have to say that it’s not for everyone.

People debate all the time whether ascended gear was a good thing to be introduced into the game and to be honest, I’ve heard many complaints about ascended gear all around. One side will say that it’s just a time and money sink for the economy. Others will say it was a much-needed progression that had minor impact on your stats and gameplay, while giving us something less-accessible for gear than exotics. Regardless of where you stand on ascended weapons, it’s a heck of a lot more achievable to get a couple ascended greatswords than to craft Twilight or Sunrise (or Eternity). Although I noticed a difference in DPS with an ascended greatsword, armour has next-to-no impact. There’s very little incentive to get ascended armour unless you’re planning on doing some extremely high levels of fractals.

Yet I still chose to get the gear. To be honest. one of the biggest reasons I wanted ascended armour had absolutely nothing to do with the stats. Let’s face it, an extra 1-2 points per stat on ascended armour really isn’t going to make or break your gaming experience. No, I decided to make it because I wanted to make it. Do I really need more reasons than that? Whether a person wants to collect every mini, every skin for the wardrobe, clear every dungeon at record time, fill up every¬†bank space to 250, or collect ascended weapons and armour–it’s your story.

Guild Wars 2 is about forging your own path, doing things the way you want them to be done, and seeing the entire game as “endgame.” Whether you’re all about levelling alts, getting the best gear, finding rare treasure, doing jumping puzzles, WvW, sPVP, tPvP, or anything else, it’s all your choice. I rarely feel pigeon-holed in GW2 to do anything. Of course, this does lead me to be overwhelmed with options at times where my wife and I sit wide-eyed, asking each other: “Uhhh… so what do we want to do tonight?” Still, working towards my ascended gear has been a casual progression that “just happens” so long as I’m making the time-gated materials (Spool of Silk Thread and Lump of Mithrilium), they come together pretty easy for me.

So without further adieu, here is my new armour set consisting of:

  1. Barbarian Helmet
  2. Banded Shoulders
  3. Banded Gloves
  4. Ascended Heavy Chestplate
  5. Ascended Heavy Leggings
  6. Ascended Heavy Boots
I am MIGHTY!!!... and slightly terrifying.

I am MIGHTY!!!… and slightly terrifying.

When I Step Through the Wardrobe

One of the¬†biggest things that ArenaNet pushes in Guild Wars 2 is their aesthetics. With the new wardrobe coming out today, we’re going to be seeing a whole new level of skins being mixed and mashed together! Imagine, being able to preview everything you’ve unlocked so you can make the most beautiful (or terrifying) character in all of Tyria! This will open up a whole new level of identity for your characters as you strive to make them more and more unique (especially for us RPers).

Over the past while, I’ve been collecting pictures of some people that stood out to me. Sure, you might think it creepy to take pictures of strangers, but I don’t think it’s creepy when they’re Tyrians (there has to be some law about F12-ing people and being able to distribute it or something). ūüėČ

In my excitement for the wardrobe to be released (my favourite thing coming in the feature patch), I wanted to show a few designs¬†that really stood out to me. I’m a huge fan of aesthetics, so this will be a whole new level of excitement, and I can’t wait to walk through Vigil’s Keep (or any other major city) to see what comes up next:

Arah gone wild. Frankly, I'd hate to meet this guy in a dark alley in DR.

Arah gone wild. Frankly, I’d hate to meet this guy in a dark alley in DR.

Ahh, the great Arah skin. Yes, it’s pretty standard and a full set, but it’s still rather unnerving (as he stands in the old Bank of Lion’s Arch… *sniff sniff*). I can’t say I’ve ever felt compelled to get this armour, but it’s very unique and very details–something that definitely works for a lot of people! Of course, it’s going to freak me out to see Lv.5’s with full Arah skins. What a nightmare Tyria will become!

Beautiful Asura Twins

Beautiful Asura Twins

Since we’re talking about Arah skins, I encountered these twin Asura recently. They took the very creepy and twisted skin and made it into something beautiful. Two little angels that made me smile (sure, that’s pretty easy to do, but these two are awesome). The weird thing was that I saw another one (with a different name) that looked very similar to this a few weeks earlier. Maybe the Asura started cloning each other? That’d explain why they all look the same to a Norn.

I'm not sure if he's a captain or what, but he's pretty fearsome.

I’m not sure if he’s a captain or what, but he’s pretty fearsome.

This Charr caught my eye with his ascended gear. I have to admit, I think ascended gear is ridiculously ugly (ever. last. piece), but he managed to pull it off. I’m guessing it’s because of his fur pattern, but I was impressed! Throwing in the eye patch and we have a Charr that looks like some very intense (and very rich) pirate. Good job!!

Beautiful, enticing, yet slightly disturbing. One of the most eye-catching Sylvari I've seen.

Beautiful, enticing, yet slightly disturbing. One of the most eye-catching Sylvari I’ve seen.

Next is one of my favourites. There was something about the texture of her skin that worked extremely well with the colour she chose for her outfit. I found her slightly disturbing, but in a good way. I walked by, came back, and couldn’t resist taking a picture of her. In my eyes, she’s one of the most beautiful and enticing Sylvari I’ve seen. Perhaps this is what Lyssa¬†would look like, were she a Sylvari?

If he were Norn-Crying, he'd be the Incredible Sulk!

If he were Norn-Crying, he’d be the Incredible Sulk!

Last, but not least, is this Hulk that impressed me so much, I couldn’t tell if a Guild Wars 2 avatar was cosplaying! Definitely a humorous take on a character. I’d love to see some more Avengers¬†done!! (<– Kudos to Reddit user, Dylanjosh for making these!)


I’d love to see some of your creations! If you want to share, post links to your pictures in the comments!

Something Old, Something New

Sometimes you need a change. I mean, staring at the same thing every time you’re delving into Tyria can become quite disheartening if you’re dissatisfied. Thankfully, with a few Transmutation Crystals¬†and a bit of gold in your pocket (or badges of honour for that matter), you can freshen those eyes! There’s even a lot of options to mix-and-match from dungeon runs as well.

I spent a lot of time with a mixture of my Temple Armour¬†and the WvW Armour. Frankly, they were the easiest to get. After a while, I began to think that I wasn’t as big of a fan of such heavy armour on Asmund. It didn’t fit his personality and how I envision him to be. I mean really, he’s a Norn. Would he really hide behind armour? Norn boost their body temperature¬†pretty easily (see ‘Physiology’ under the linked Wiki), so I don’t see why one would need mass amounts of metal. Sure, it may hide your flesh, but I imagine Asmund would see it more as cowardice than anything. Plus,¬†I’m sure an over-heated Norn smells like a herd of wet Dolyak. No thank you.

I must say, Asmund was quite proud of his transformation!


Out with the old…


…and in with the new!

I’ve always been one for aesthetics in games. I’ve honestly found that LOTRO was the best for its wardrobe system (although SWTOR was pretty interesting in how they tried to handle it, but I don’t think it worked well). In spite of other games I’ve played, I still enjoy GW2’s system since it’s a way I can continue to financially supporting their efforts. It would be nice to see a wardrobe system one day to be purchased through the gem store, but I doubt it will ever happen. Unless you’re really lucky you already have to spend gems on the crystals, and I don’t see them changing it any time in the near future.

If you’re curious about what gear I’m running right now, it’s this:

Pit Fighter’s Shoulder Guard (sold by the WvW Armour Master)
Dolyak Mail (Norn Tier 1 Cultural Armour)
Duelist’s Gauntlets¬†(sold by the WvW Armour Master)
Dolyak Chausses (Norn Tier 1 Cultural Armour)
Pit Fighter’s Sandals¬†(even though you can’t see them in the photo, they’re sold by the WvW Armour Master)

For the record, I rarely ever show a helmet since I put so much effort into designing Asmund (and spending 350 gems on a Total Makeover Kit). In my opinion, you can’t put a price on the looks of a character you love investing in.

At the end of the day, mixing and matching gear to make an outfit I’ll adore, while using dye that I’ve collected to make a unique Norn that Tyria has never seen before? Yeah, I’m sold.

What about you? What’s the best outfit you’ve ever put together for your hero? Link a screenshot! I’d love to see what you’ve come up with!