Traveller Thursday #3

Here’s the latest Traveller Thursday! I’ve already been retweeting a few great shots that people have taken with the first-person camera. What fun things have you discovered?

Let me show you some of my favourites!


Here is one of my wife’s fellow guild leaders looking… creepy… very, very, creepy.


This is definitely the most beautiful place I’ve found in-game. Do you know where it is?


After all this time, I’ve *never* noticed these skulls in Malchor’s Leap!


This is currently my background on my computer!

Be sure to tweet me (@gw2traveller) your Traveller Thursday screenshots on Twitter using the hashtag #TravellerThursday! I’ll even retweet some of them!


And I Say to Myself… (Camera)

What a wonderful world…gw273So yesterday I received one of the most amazing announcements in the patch notes ever… First Person View! For the longest time, it would drive me crazy when I blogged that I always had to have my character in the shots. Even worse, I found I could never really get screenshots that made me want to make them my desktop. ArenaNet… you have changed that–radically. Today I took my first screenshot with First Person perspective (Field of View turned to about 4/5 of the way), and it was marvelous. I’ve always been amazed by the amount of beautiful things to see in Tyria, and now I feel like I’m going to be discovering them all over again, and in a whole new light. There are a few things I wanted to note: First Person View

  1. You have to enable this under your options. Very important to get you started!
  2. I highly suggest turning up the Field of View so that you get a better glance at everything. I find I can’t go all the way, as it makes me motion sick. Still, play around to find that sweet spot!

Adjust Camera to Character Height

  1. This is one of the most significant things I’ve had added to the game. It affects the next point I want to highlight. The great thing is that it lets you see more of what’s ahead of you and to your sides. Field of View will affect this, as will Vertical Position.
  2. You may find it takes a bit of getting used to, as it’s not consistent with each character (obviously, adjust it to your character’s height). At first, I felt like it made things seem like they used to be until…

Vertical Position Slider

  1. This slider was one of the biggest game-changers to me (and I’m still tweaking it). What I’ve found is that as you scroll your screen out, it’ll zoom more vertically instead of just straight out, allowing you to see the battlefield around you more effectively.
  2. Note, that the higher you put this, the harder it will be to see what’s behind you, so be sure to change your Field of View appropriately.

I know that’s just a very brief overview and doesn’t really give you much advice, but just be sure to play with it all and see what works best. My biggest issue was the Field of View being too high, thus making me motion sick. Ultimately, expect more beautiful screenshots (especially with having my new computer and playing GW2 on max settings) without having to see my sexy norn as often! Q: Have you tried playing with the new camera functions? What’s been your experience (positive or negative)? I’d love to hear in the comments below!