Like a Thorn in My Foot

I’m a pretty optimistic guy–at least, I try to be. Sure, I have my moments where things are overly bleak, but I usually get my head around to where it should be. I don’t make knee-jerk opinions about things, and I don’t react with hate and over-the-top craziness when ArenaNet makes changes to Guild Wars 2. So I’ve taken the time over the past few months to chew on what they’ve done, play around with it, and embrace as much as possible. Yet I want to share something that’s been like a thorn that’s stuck in my foot (and no it’s not a sylvari that big ol’ Asmund stepped on by accident).


I actually love the trait system and how it’s set up. I find it flexible, because it’s easy to change around now (thank you ANet, for stopping me from having to dish out so much cash through respeccing… back in Lion’s Arch… multiple times a week. I love changing my build way too much.). That’s probably one of the best changes they ever did for Guild Wars 2 (and if they made it so we could have presets, I would be even happier!).

Still, there’s something that came with this change in the Feature Patch that bothers me about traits. You might think it’s how new characters have to unlock their traits through accomplishing tasks such as completing a specific event (or you could just pay in-game money and skill points for). No, that’s not it. That’s actually kind of fun for me to do. If I miss an event, I’ll usually dump some silver for the lower tiers, although the skill points are sorely missed at times.

A bit of background: Once upon a time you would start at level 11, unlocking your first tier after purchasing a little manual and gaining 1 trait point all the way up to 80, giving you 70 points. You would unlock your Master Tier at 40, and your Grandmaster at 60 by purchasing the aforementioned manual.

Now, I appreciate the change from having 70 trait points and bringing it down to 14. It made things a lot simpler, since you would trait into either a minor or major trait any way. Still, there’s one thing that’s a real frustration for me…

Issue #1 – What levels you unlock your first traits at.

For anyone starting a new character, you’ll notice you level all the way up to Lv. 30 before you unlock this great thing called the Trait System. Then you… uhhh… you wait six levels before you can do anything extra other than a major trait! YAY! Major trait! Of course, you’re also going to notice that you can’t use any of them unless you have completed certain requirements (which I had mentioned above). That’s ok, but Lv. 30? Really? You run through the game, having all your weapon skills unlocked pretty early and gain your utilities, but you don’t even get to figure out what traits do until much past 30 because…

Issue #2 – You don’t get Master Traits until 60, and Grandmaster until 80.

If somebody’s going to have a build figured out, originally it was before 80. Or at least they had a chance to play with grandmaster traits. This worked well in the process of the game, as you’d hit 80 around the Lv. 80 zones and already feel a bit more comfortable approaching areas such as Orr, or Frostgorge. You’d be comfortable if you were a new player, or a player who is attempting a new profession. Now, you walk into Lv. 80 fairly clueless without doing your research and, even then, you’re having absolutely no hands-on experience. Perhaps this was an attempt to make the later levels seem more like an “end-game,” but I find it’s just made the levelling process feel painful (and that’s coming from an alt-aholic).

Since the change, I haven’t been able to get my characters levelled very quick at all, because it takes me a very long time before I get to play around with any builds, or experiment with traits. This game is not based around an “end-game,” but a journey. Sadly, as I reflect on this change (and have never really spoken much of it to anybody but my wife), I’m wishing it were different. This change has taken away from the journey itself.

Perhaps, as an answer, there could be a blend?

Is There a Solution?

Yes, I believe there is! I’m thinking that we somehow need a blend. There are obvious problems if ArenaNet changed what levels the tiers unlock though.

  • They would have to change which events and activities had to be completed in order to unlock new traits–especially for Master and Grandmaster Tiers.
  • The prices would potentially have to be adjusted for purchasing each trait unlock from your respective profession trainer.
  • The trait point gain would have to be adjusted (from 1 point every 6 levels to a more frequent amount).

My solution?

  1. Begin traits again at Lv. 10 and unlock it all at Lv. 60.
    • This would eliminate the issue with 1 point every 6 levels, because that approach could continue to be used.
  2. Maintain the current cost of trait unlocks.
    • This may encourage people to only purchase if they are unwilling to (or cannot) unlock them manually.
  3. Go through the effort to change most of the events to be level-appropriate.
    • This would be the biggest issue that ArenaNet would have to face, and it’s the biggest problem I can see. I don’t know if there would be a way around it, and I’m not sure they really have the manpower (or desire) to change it.

Still, I think that something has to be done. Levelling used to be a thrill for me. It was a well-rounded journey (yes, that’s subjective, but I loved it). Now? I can’t seem to find the desire because it takes me way too long to start figuring out my character because of how significant traits are in this game. The game was created to be simplified with only 10 skills available at a given time (not including class mechanics), and I’m not convinced people found the combat system so complex that they had to wait until 30 before they started delving into traits.

This is the most beautiful part of a beautiful game–my favourite game I’ve ever played, and am passionately committed to. After thinking since April, I’ve finally decided that yes, this would be the most pressing issue in the system for me above everything else. I hope that one day ArenaNet manages to find some kind of blend with the old system and the new.

Have you enjoyed the new system? Is there something you could see in it to be improved? How should it be tweaked to enhance your experience in Tyria? Post in the comments below, because I would love to hear what you have to say!


Learning and Growing

I’m going to jump right in today because whether you agree or disagree with me, there are two things I can appreciate ArenaNet for:

1) Their ability to look into the past and learn from it.

Now, I hear complaints at times that ArenaNet doesn’t learn from their mistakes and have no hope or future. This is pure lunacy. Sure, there can be validity to some people wrestling through lore conflicts and issues (which is bound to happen to some extent in any sequel, especially when one wasn’t originally planned from the beginning), but the assertion that ArenaNet doesn’t care about what they hear is ridiculous. They hear, they read, and they work for a purpose. Of course, in their attempt to develop something that is simultaneously art, entertainment, and business, there are bound to be awkward lines to try to wrestle through.

As we’re seeing in Living Story Season 2, they’re looking back at what they did right and what they could improve on from last year. They’ve heard the cries of wanting more solo content (repeating story instances with achievements linked to them) and even created a new zone! They’re now trying to find a “sweet spot” in terms of where everything is focused on the story development by avoiding opening up Dry Top too much at once so that it becomes stale, while still keeping an emphasis on it. This takes time, effort, and meticulous planning based upon what they’ve learned from Season 1. So far, I’m blown away. You guys are doing awesome!

2) Their strength and determination for their dreams and goals, and sticking to it.

This is probably one of the greatest things I admire about ArenaNet. Yes, many people think that because they’ve paid for the game that Guild Wars 2 should be exactly what they want, how they want, in the way and time that they want. I’m afraid I have to disagree on the basis of leadership. Good leadership doesn’t mean you bend over backwards every time someone comes with a complaint. Yes, it means that you listen adequately, but you don’t have to do everything they say. Contrary to popular belief, the customer is not always right (and from my experience, seldom right if they’ve never had the experience of being in the business).

Yet ArenaNet does not run around and bash people who complain. They merely listen and disregard unproductive chatter and focus on things that are productive. Still, at the end of the day, they have their dreams and goals and are going to follow them. They have a vision and a plan and yes, we are being heard–it does not mean that it’s going to be exactly what we want or expect.

Is it frustrating to hear that things will be ready “soon”? Yes. Those lines need to be used less frequently. Instead, they’ve been focusing on the forums lately to be less chatty about things being done “soon” and more on “we can’t talk right now about it because it will spoil things, and may change.” Whatever they say about the game in the public eye will be taken as gospel truth. On one hand, we need to take it all with a grain of salt until it’s been implemented in the game. On the other hand, they should always be careful as well.


Still, I have tremendous respect for ArenaNet and where they’re going. I was disheartened for a while, but look back and wish I had committed myself earlier to the Living Story. Now, I’m on board. I’m sold.

Are you?

Change My Brain

My apologies for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been travelling a lot and had limited access to the internet. In hindsight, I should have scheduled some posts for you lovely people to indulge in!

Long time no see, fellow Travellers! Has Dry Top drawn you into where we’re going? Today they’ve dropped the next segment of Living Story: Season 2 and I know we’re all itching to see what Mordremoth has in store for us, but there’s definitely a few adjustments I’m having to make.

You see, in other games, I buy an expansion and I end up indulging for hours upon hours into new content left, right, and center. Whether the Living Story is supposed to be expansion-filled content or not, this season has been said to contain a whole lot of permanent content, and we’ve experienced that already with the new Story Journal. In a sense, it reminds me of doing Missions in Guild Wars 1 which honestly, I sort of miss. This renews a bit of nostalgia for me and, although I haven’t had much time to do the replay for Season 1 to get the achievements (ok, so I’ve been travelling in RL, as well as working towards Celestial Ascended Armour in-game), I’m excited to do it. Still, as I said, there are adjustments that I’m having to make in terms of my mindset:

1. Achievements Aren’t Totally Rewarding

  • Maybe it’s because I’m not a guy who cares how many achievement points I have, but I find that the rewards aren’t as compelling so far as Season 1 was. Of course, I only have one episode, and the second episode just dropped today. Sure, there are random items through the chests crafting, and other means, but I actually enjoyed meta achievements. |At least, so long as they felt pretty balanced (and didn’t require incessant grinding). Who’s to say that we won’t have the season segmented into groups of episodes, with a meta achievement for getting all the achievements in that section? That would definitely be an interesting approach. Since it’s permanent, you would have all the time in the world.

2. Length of Playtime for Releases

  • I don’t think it’s fair for me to expect content that will take up all of my GW2 time when it’s based on releasing every two weeks. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into it, and I’m excited to take my time and enjoy it as best I can. There’s progressively more permanent content that we can revisit, and we’re slowly watching bits and pieces of the world change already (no spoilers, but try checking Fort Salma in Kessex Hills). While last season it took a long time for things to change, it’s happening quickly this season.
  • Given that things are actually progressing and physically changing in Tyria, I need to remind myself that there is lots of content available, and I have no right to complain that there’s nothing to do if I haven’t tried to enjoy it myself in the first place–a pill I need to be sure to swallow from time to time.

3. Keep My Expectations Lower

  • It’s not because I shouldn’t expect great things from what ArenaNet’s doing, but I think we hype ourselves up in our heads over what we think the game ought to be (and often times, I think it’s unrealistic compared to what any human being is capable of doing). I find this attitude will keep me more pleasant and excited for what’s to come.

4. Don’t Let My Critical Nature Overtake Me

  • So this is one of my “I’m getting pretty serious” blogs, but I think this is important. I know a few people both in-game and in real life that can only focus on the negative things. Instead, offering constructive criticism can be very useful (and has been stated multiple times that it’s exactly what ArenaNet are looking for on the forums). It’s more than ok to express what you like or don’t like about the game, but when that’s the only thing you talk about (or you aren’t able to offer a way it should be improved), then it’s just a complaint. This isn’t useful for anyone, and this is a trap I can find myself in very easily as I’m often a cynical person by nature.

5. It Takes Time to Turn a Boat

  • ArenaNet, I feel like I should say “I’m sorry” about my impatience sometimes. I don’t really post negativity on forums or anything, and I avoid being negative with people (because it comes too naturally for me), but I’ve found myself irritated that things aren’t improved “immediately.” Yet ArenaNet still needs time to look at metrics, feedback from their content, as well as to sift through what works for them and doesn’t, and find a middle-ground with where they should go. They can’t put out one patch and say: “Ok, these three things should have been done different” and change the next release’s content in less than two weeks.
  • The great thing about this, is that I believe with the knowledge that ArenaNet has from LS1, LS2 is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to play it tonight!

Is there anything you find yourself having to work through when it comes to being patient with MMO developers? Anything you’ve learned that you could add? Please post your comments below!

On a completely unrelated note, here’s my Aussie buddy Mahdloc who, apparently, needs to know that he’s loved:

Mahd has great taste in armour!

Mahd has great taste in armour!

Beautiful You, and You, and You

So one of my favourite things about Guild Wars 2 is the aesthetic part. When people put a little bit of effort into how they look, I rarely find two people that look the same. Sure, you’ll find similarities if people use lots of temple armour, or if people are using ascended gear (and why not, since you took all that time to make it), but most of the time I find that each character is very unique. Throw in a Total Makeover Kit (or even a Self-Style Hair Kit) and you end up being one-of-a-kind. I mean, of course if you’re an Asura I can’t help you, as you all look the same. (KA-BRAHAM!)

I want to take you along a quick little journey of some beautiful photos I’ve captured of some beautiful people I’ve seen in-game. The first is a little afk friend from the Edge of the Mists. It was a beautiful day (I mean, it’s ALWAYS daytime in EotM, but whatever) and we saw this cutesie little Asura girl from Badlands (we were Frostreach at the time). We could have killed her and were ready for it, but she just stood there and was obviously afk. Frankly, I see no honour in killing someone who’s afk, so we sat down by her and decided to make friends. All was peaceful and wonderful until a zerg of Overgrowth came and slaughtered the three of us. Our beautiful friendship came to an end, but we would always remember our little cutie pie alien-looking girl-thing. (Although I was pretty sure I saw Esfir, on the left, licking her lips…)

EotM Friend

So next up on the list is me showing off my wonderful Markk Shadowclaw in PvP. I was in the Battle of Kyhlo and figured I’d take a brief break (actually, I was scouting too many thieves out thieves out there that were stealth-based in their build) and see who was where, doing what. I’m pretty pleased at how I did his look. He’s a terrifying killer but don’t worry–deep down he has a heart of at least bronze…maybe silver…Markk PvP Clocktower

Then we have our little magical lady of death. I saw her in the Heart of the Mists and felt pretty convinced that I didn’t want to meet her in a dark alley. I’m not sure what exactly it was, but she was absolutely stunning!
Creepy Asura

Now this one is a personal picture of my wife (Briony, on the left), myself (the watchwork knight), a guildie named Scarlet, and my Mini Armoured Scarlet! We were doing guild missions and had three guilds joining us in it for the puzzle in Snowden Drifts! I figured that we should show off “our stuff.”Scarlet Frenzy

Now here is one that I saw last night. I have to admit, I rather detest the Zodiac Armour, but this Sylvari pulled together an amazing look that made him both magical and majestic! Throw in that Light of Dwayna and he looks a little righteous and angelic! I was impressed.Sylvari Zodiac

Now this guy blew me away with his colours. I can’t remember them exactly, but it was a set of Enameled Dye mixed with some Shiver Dyes. I couldn’t help but stop and take a picture of how amazing he looked. In my mind, this is the type of character that reminds me of Golbez from Final Fantasy IV, for some reason. Or I could just be crazy.Beautiful Armour

Finally, there’s my return to my old outfit. After running that Ascended Gear mixed with Banded and a Berserker’s Helmet, I’ve returned to my Phalanx (hey, I paid real cash for it, and I remember staring for months at the armour). I even put on my Tybalt Backpack after running my Tempered Spinal Blades for a while there.Asmund AC PoseUltimately, the best part of Guild Wars 2 is the aesthetics. You can grow and change your character, and really make them more unique than any game that I’ve played up to this point. Perhaps it’s a big draw to me, as if there’s anything in a game that pulls me in, it’s my love for improving and changing how my character looks. It’s refreshing, renewing, and exciting for me!

Feel free to post links to your favourite outfits you’ve seen people put together in the comments below!


Oh the Sights We Should See!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (you know, while you’re drugged up on Tylenol 3’s and going through healing from a wisdom tooth extraction that’s being a total beast) and we’re getting closer to July and Season 2 of the Living Story! My heart is pounding (no, not because of the codeine) and I’m thrilled for what’s to come! Mind you, I’ll be in Ottawa, ON for the first week in July but still, exciting! Yet I still find myself longing for some things to be said and done in Guild Wars 2 because there are sights that we should see, and things that we should experience!

  1. PvE – Variety in Dungeons:
    • The Problem: So I’ve only recently started to get involved with dungeons lately (having two young children who often refuse to sleep can inhibit your dungeoning) and it’s only just hit me that the explorable dungeons aren’t really… unique. The similarities between each path you take is rather saddening, to be honest. Sure, it’s a great way to get some extra gold, but it’s far from engaging.
    • The Solution: Well, the solution is obviously to have greater dungeon variety that can engage a person more than normal. Of course, that takes a lot more effort. Mind you, this is coming from a guy who’s never done Twilight Arbor: Explorabl Path 4, or Arah Explorable (any path), so feel free to tell me if I’m way off base here. I’ve just found that overlap so far between your paths isn’t extremely entertaining. Perhaps you find it different?
  2. WvW – Roaming Rewards
    • The Problem: There’s a time and place to zerg for sure, but as someone who recently has been putting a lot of roaming into my S/D Thief, I feel like the rewards don’t really make roaming worth it (outside of patting myself on the back for taking on 5 consecutive enemies). I can make quite a bit of money, loot, and mats (from bags), along with champ bags for sticking with a zerg in Edge of the Mists or in any WvW. If I’m not in Eternal Battlegrounds, then skirmishes don’t really happen much at all because there’s little value.
    • The Solution: I wish I had a solid solution. I don’t think zerging rewards can be nerfed because that would be absolutely frustrating for people who enjoy that (I zerg quite frequently). Bye-bye Karma Train in  EotM would be a very bad thing! At the same time, if you buff loot drops from individual kills, then you’re not encouraging people to work together–also an issue as it contradicts the purpose of GW2. You may say, “just PvP,” but that’s not a solution as WvW and PvP are two very different beasts and have to be approached uniquely. So I guess I have nothing on this one.
  3. Living Story – Moar Dragons!
    • The Problem: Although I absolutely loved how we ended Season 1 of the Living Story, I have found that we’ve moved so far away from the dragons being an impending threat. To be honest, I tend to get the sensation that many don’t consider them to be a threat at all. Jormag is up north doing his thing, Kralkatorrik is off branding something in the Crystal Desert, and Primordus is off doing his tunnelling thing. The sensation of fear isn’t very huge. Zhaitan was a giant threat, and we could see that, but I’m expecting something much more intense in terms of the elder dragons.
    • The Solution: Living Story Season 2, I’m looking at you. Bring us dragons. Bring us Mordremoth. Throw your worst at Tyria and let all hell break loose as we fight for the survival of the races. Give us a reason to work together as multiple races, because our entire world is at stake.
  4. Living Story – The Gods
    • The Problem: I usually play Norn or Charr, but something has never sat right with me. There’s mention of the gods, and you do get some connection with them throughout the Personal Storyline (not going to share spoilers), specifically some stuff relating to Grenth, but we have so little information concerning them. They were such an intricate part of Guild Wars 1 that I’m not satisfied with the lack of their involvement. Whether it was the Dervish Elite Skills, allowing them to turn into avatars of the gods; the war on Abaddon that pulled together the story of Guild Wars 1 (for the most part); or the constant encounters with the avatars throughout the story of Guild Wars 1–I find myself scratching my head. Sure, the gods left, but there’s so much possibility for their return. Of course, the case is made that they left due to the dragons waking (who devour magic) and they wouldn’t return as they would be at risk. Makes sense, but I’d love more info.
    • The Solution: I guess they can’t really be brought back for now, but I’d still be curious to have the Mursaat tied in a bit more, as well as other connections to GW1 (which I hear we’ve been promised some references and tie-ins with Living Story Season 2!).
  5. PvE, WvW, PvP, etc. – “End-Game”
    • The Problem: This is more due to the mention of many of my friends who have (or almost have) legendaries, have done all the dungeons, played all the areas they absolutely love playing (and continue to play) and mention to me that they wish there were a few new game modes or things that were fresh to engage them. Please know that this is not said out of anger or frustration! This is out of a statement that they love Guild Wars 2 so much, they wish there was more of Guild Wars 2, especially for those who have collected so much and continue to beat (multiple times) the major content that’s available. They’re just craving something fresh and new.
    • The Solution: Once again, I’m putting all my chips in with Living Story Season 2. Is it going to be the best thing ever? Doubtful. Is it going to be mind-blowingly amazing and focused on Lv. 80s?! Oh yeah! Do I think that it’s going to be an expansion’s worth of content? I honestly do. Do I think that existing players need some fresh life to the game, as we were accustomed to new things happening every two weeks? Absolutely.

I guess, for now, it’s a matter of having patience.

Those are some of my thoughts. What are the things you’re longing to see while we’re getting closer to LS2? Share in the comments below!

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Life isn’t easy. Gaming sometimes doesn’t even seem that easy (or maybe I’m the only one?). The one thing I do know is easy, is celebrating fun times. After an overwhelming amount of support and memories from last week, I heard tons of you say how many laughs you’ve had in video games–especially in Guild Wars 2! If you haven’t read them, check the comments under Memories, New and Old!

It’s in the silliest of moments (and yes, even the silly things you may be lied to about today on April 1st) that we choose to laugh and enjoy the fun of gaming life! A few days ago, I met some amazing Norn who decided to dance like nobody’s watching, and let it all hang out! Of course, after a while, a few of the men decided to let too much hang out, making me laugh hysterically. To be honest, I have *no* sweet clue who these people were. Does that matter? Well, in this setting, absolutely not. Of course, I was of the opinion that the Carlton Dance should’ve been our dance of choice, but few seem to agree with me.

I wonder if Norn can shake it like Shakira?

I wonder if Norn can shake it like Shakira?

When you play with friends, fun is to be found everywhere in Tyria. Even if they’re not friends, there’s always opportunity to goof off and have fun–that’s the reason we play video games, right?

I recently connected with a woman with a fun blog that covers her pastime of gaming, enjoying multiple MMOs, and dealing with even some of the more personal things. I’d encourage you to check out Jaedia, as she has some pretty honest and insightful things at times. Yet I can relate with her on many levels, because there are times in life where you need to have an escape. Many people would think this wrong, but we all find ways to do it: sports, cooking, tv, reading, writing, music, gaming–all ways that we escape and unwind to prepare ourselves to tackle other parts of life. To some, each of these is much more intensive and “hardcore,” while to many others it’s a release of the stresses of the day. We need it.

Perhaps you struggle with depression or anxiety? As gamers, take time together and laugh. Frankly, I struggle with both of these (more often the former than the latter). Yes, take time to breathe together. Grab a bunch of Norn and dance around a quaggan. Is it silly? Absolutely it is! Is it crazy? You bet! Is it a break from the stresses that this life offers? 100%.

Sometimes we’re so caught up with our day-to-day lives that we aren’t breathing in the most beautiful things around us. I mean really, have you called up that friend you haven’t seen in a while? Have you told your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend how much you love them today? Have you encouraged a person who’s feeling down? I encourage you to live life. Even more so, I encourage you to love and to enjoy the simple things, even if that’s dancing around a quaggan with a bunch of Norn that are getting a little *too* comfortable in their skin.

Whoever you are out there, I just want to tell you today that no matter who you are, you have value. No matter what life seems like right now, there is hope. No matter how much pressure you put on yourself for that next achievement, things go on if it doesn’t go right (whether virtually, or in real life). You have a purpose, you are beautiful, you are wonderful, and you must take time to enjoy the sweet things of life–even in Tyria.

Maybe I feel mushy and reflective right now because of a lot of personal things going on with some friends. It reminds me of how beautiful and important friendship and life truly are.

So I urge you to sing; I urge you to laugh (no really, click this link); I urge you to dance…

Dance like nobody’s watching.
Asmund & Briony Dance

A Critical Hit: Negativity in Life & Games

Ok, so I didn’t expect to really do this on my blog. This may be a Guild Wars 2 blog, but I think this relates.

I had a few things happen today that honestly brought me down. You know, someone being extra critical. The criticism I received today hurt, but I have a pretty tough hide given the fact that I deal with negatively critical attitudes and opinions on a daily basis. What stuck with me today is the realization that people too easily throw out their opinions and criticism in a way that cause severe pain to others. At work, on forums and blogs, in their relationships, and even in our beloved video games. MMOs can be notorious for it!

We all need criticism. I sing, play guitar, and sometimes write music. I need criticism from time to time in order to help me be better. I’m a blogger. I get people to give me feedback because I need their criticism to make sure my blog posts are the best they can be. I need my wife to criticize how I behave at home in order to help me be the best husband and father I possibly could be.

Yet what I don’t need is negative criticism that becomes an attack on a person. Words like “incompetent; stupid; worthless; annoying; weak” and any other phrase that demeans a person’s character or ability is criticism that tears away at who a person is, and never fosters growth!

Yes, give feedback. Yes, tell others how you feel. Yes, show honesty, but do so with tact; do so with respect for the fact that they are a real person with real emotions and a real life.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in the workplace, in a text message, in the lineup of a store, on a forum or blog, or in our most loved video games. Show respect to one another, and learn to criticize in a manner that will help foster positive change. So long as we demean, insult, and tear others down, we’ll only feed the beast.

There will always be the naysayers and those who hide behind their screens (or behind your back) to score a CRITICAL HIT on you. You? You have a choice. You have a chance to encourage people, help others become better, and create a culture around you where people feel loved and accepted while still being able to be challenged.

The choice is yours. So let’s change Tyria, video games, our workplaces, and the world. Criticize with love and respect. Criticize well.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi didn’t specify which world, so let’s be the change in all of them.