Traveller Thursday #9

Excited to share this week’s #TravellerThursday for you all to see!


Such a beauty in DR!


There’s a reason this is an RP-hub!


Does anyone else find the Brand creepily beautiful?


Approaching quietly, a hidden grove with a hidden purpose…


The glimpse of Brand-free light sparkles through.


At the center of the grove lies a solitary tree, brimming with magical energy…


…and memories of a lost friend…


As the wind blows quietly, you hear a single name echo through the breeze… “Killeen”

Oh the memories. I have to say that Ghosts of Ascalon is an astounding book worth reading!

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Traveller Thursday #7

It’s yet another wonderful week of #TravellerThursday!! Here are some of the fun screenshots I’ve managed to capture over the past week.


Ahh. The Shiverpeaks. My favourite places in the entire game. I actually get physically cold when I’m here though.


Accidentally took a picture with my wife’s Asura on there. Turned out pretty awesome!


oooooOOOOooooo… pretty water.


I have a thing for architecture in games. ❤ Also, look at that flame!


So this was the first time I’ve *ever* noticed flame around the temple. Clearly, I am observant.


The stone. Those vines. The beauty! The Straits of Devastation actually have quite a few beautiful places in it. Take some time to check it out yourself!


Also in the Straits. What is this? An Asura gate? I wish there was more lore and backstory to it!

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Traveller Thursday #6

This week I’ve got a few more shots that I’m excited to share with you! Here they are:


Strange yet beautiful, the Pale Tree always bewilders me.


I get a kick out of the Skritt here. Pirate shinies? Yes please!


Most people don’t stop and look at the scenery in the Borderlands. I highly suggest it, so long as you’re not getting jumped.


So much swirl.


Near the Temple of Grenth in Cursed Short. I managed to scale a few walls. 😉


Shots like this remind me that Orr was once underwater. I think ArenaNet did a really good job portraying that!

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Traveller Thursday #5

It’s time for Traveller Thursday! This has been a crazy week with sickness, tons of work, and a very sick family from a cold that won’t let go. Buuuuuuut… here comes some screens I’ve been able to take in-game!


I have a thing for old architecture sometimes, so Ascalon really fills that love.


This is my wife’s future Revenant. We have a whole story on her and my Necro, Griffyn, but for now I wanted to show off her beauty!


Fearmag can’t fear me from over here! Mwahahaha.

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Traveller Thursday #4

It’s that time again for another edition of #TravellerThursday! Be sure to share your favourite first-person screenshots with the hashtag, and let me share a few of mine.


I adore WvW more for the beauty than anything. I should get into EotM and get some nice shots!


Found this little beauty in the Grove. It’s currently this week’s wallpaper.


Why has nobody made “Stargate Tyria” yet?


Am I the only one who thinks that bridges are absolutely beautiful, in-game and out?


Finally, the most romantic date place in all of the Mists. The bonus? Nobody can kill you here. \o/

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Traveller Thursday #3

Here’s the latest Traveller Thursday! I’ve already been retweeting a few great shots that people have taken with the first-person camera. What fun things have you discovered?

Let me show you some of my favourites!


Here is one of my wife’s fellow guild leaders looking… creepy… very, very, creepy.


This is definitely the most beautiful place I’ve found in-game. Do you know where it is?


After all this time, I’ve *never* noticed these skulls in Malchor’s Leap!


This is currently my background on my computer!

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Traveller Thursday #2

As I continue adoring the new First Person Perspective, I’m excited to keep sharing #TravellerThursday with you! Check out some of my latest pictures!


The magic (science?) of the Asura!


I honestly adore the Shiverpeaks. Since GW1, it was my favourite place, and now I get to enjoy it with such beautiful perspective. This one’s from Frostgorge Sound.

gw330 gw329

The Colossus Fractal is probably one of my favourites. This moment, the first time I saw it, was one of the most beautiful and exciting moments I had in Guild Wars 2.

The Colossus Fractal is probably one of my favourites. This moment, the first time I saw it, was one of the most beautiful and exciting moments I had in Guild Wars 2.

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