Traveller Thursday #1

With the new First Person Perspective that I posted about here, I figured I would start something called “Traveller Thursday” where I’ll be posting some of my favourite screenshots I’ve taken around Tyria! Here are some new ones for you to enjoy.

Also, be sure to tweet @gw2traveller your latest screenshots with the hashtag #TravellerThursday for Tyrians to see! I’ll even retweet some of them for the Twitterverse to behold.

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My, What a View!

Have you ever looked at certain locations in Guild Wars 2 and thought to yourself, “No way…” when your first set your eyes on them? That’s my ongoing experience as of late. I jump around places, still discovering areas that I used to love visiting in Guild Wars 1. One of the most mind-blowing ones was Droknar’s Forge, a place where you would get your highest tier of armour. People used to run other lowbies there (for a cost, of course) every single day. I have so many memories of seeing how far I could make it while the runner ran through it for us. Then the realization came: ‘Droks’ is no more… I can’t even really take a picture of it, because it’s just… gone. It’s not snowy… it’s not pristine. All that’s left after 250 years and some Elder Dragon activity, is water.

It’s moments like this that make me love Guild Wars 2. This isn’t to say that you need to play Guild Wars 1 to actually appreciate this game. This game has merit, all in its own for beauty and interesting areas to see. Lots of detail was put into the less-travelled path, which is what makes this traveller a huge lover of Tyria.

For instance, have you ever stood back and gazed upon this?

So many memories...

So many memories…

The Searing Crystal, a physical reminder of what the Flame Legion did to the people of Ascalon. Sure, we can argue over whether the Charr were right in trying to take Ascalon, but the Searing was never a good thing. Yet this crystal is beautiful to look upon, especially up close! If you’ve never noticed it before spend some time looking for it in the Plains of Ascalon!

Another impressive (although I’m not sure “beautiful” is the word I would use) area is an amazing river of lava in Fireheart Rise, known as the Lavafall Vista! It’s something I suggest you take your time to look around (and you may find a jumping puzzle near there).

Here a lava, there a lava, and another little lava?

Here a lava, there a lava, and another little lava?

Finally, the last little token I’d like to show off is another little piece of Guild Wars history. The Northern Wall was built to stop Charr incursions into Ascalon. When the Searing happened, it dealt some pretty nasty damage. Throw in some influence of Kralkatorrik and you’ve got yourself a beautiful sight to behold, albeit, creepy.

This is probably one of my favourite places in the entire game (ok, I admit, I have many). I remember my first time jumping around there before the Shatterer attacked, which led me to feeling pretty overwhelmed and excited. I mean, I had no clue what I was doing at the time, so my Thief got slaughtered and I only managed to get Bronze. Yeah, I have a clue now. Still, exploring ruins around Ascalon always makes my heart jump a little bit. It brings back far too many memories, and it’s created far more.

The great Northern Wall... or, what's left of it.

The great Northern Wall… or, what’s left of it.

What’re some of your favourite sights? Feel free to link them in the comments. I would love to see them!